Busy times keep coming

The kitchen looked almost exactly like this, except for the turquoise counter tops.

I might have mentioned this before, but my husband and I currently run a catering business. Lately it has been picking up and this past weekend was no exception. Friday we had two events, one at a winery and one was a private memorial luncheon at a BEAUTIFUL home. It was really amazing, it looked like it had been built and decorated in the 1950s and not changed much since. I loved it. It reminded me so much of the home I grew up in.

The antipasto platter we made for one of the events.

Saturday we had THREE events; one was appetizers at a private home, one was a wedding at a winery and the last was a birthday party at a private residence. They hired mariachis to perform, it was so cool. I spent a lot of time last week getting ready for them, boy am I glad they are over. It was exhausting! But overall I had a pretty good time. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on my blogroll this week!

I failed

I failed already 🙁 I meant to post something yesterday, but I was working all day and then we got a call from the Health Department saying they were coming for an inspection tomorrow, so we had to go into emergency cleaning mode! By the time I got home, I had completely forgotten about this little blog u_u Maybe I can make up for it by posting TWO today!

On another note, Mike and I will be traveling to Knoxville, TN in December to attend his cousin’s wedding. I’m really excited because I’ve never been to Tennessee, or many states for that matter! We are staying in Sevierville, which is about half an hour’s drive from Knoxville, and 20 minutes from Pigeon Forge, home of… Dollywood!!

What is Dollywood, you ask? It is a theme park near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park founded by none other than Ms Dolly Parton herself, who of course is an American treasure. I love how over the top and campy she is! I want to go so bad!! I hope we can find time for a short trip, because when will I ever have another chance?! I’d love to stop by the National Park, too, but I think that might be too much to ask. I love visiting our National Parks as well, but that’s another post.

No time for blog.

Ugh I am so busy lately I have no time to do anything fun. During the day I’m in class, most of which is a complete joke (for example, we have been watching The Mission for the past 3 class sessions on my Anthropology class. Also, we are like 2 weeks behind because all the freshman in there are retarded at taking notes).

Also I have work 3 days a week, which I’m kind of worried about. The other day one of my bosses asked me to skip class to go on a kind of sales call with him? I made it very clear when I started that school is my number one priority and work is like 3rd or 4th down the line of my list of priorities. I got the feeling before but now I’m kind of positive that they are wanting me to take a bigger role in the company than I want. Like more of a sales role. Anyone who knows me knows I hate dealing with people, but that’s what they’re kind of pushing me into. I’m happy working behind the scenes and I know that this probably won’t pay me a lot, but that’s what I’m happy with. I don’t like all that salesy stuff and that is not I understood my role to be when I took the job. *sigh* But they’re REALLY good to me so I hate to be difficult. I like to help out whenever I can. But I am just not comfortable with sales-y type things.

And if I’m not working or schooling, I’m studying. Right now I need to be writing an essay and finishing reading about 40 different chapters of different books. I still have not read one item for my British lit up to 1760 class, it is so horribly boring. But this weekend I’m really going to make an effort to. One problem is that at night I am so tired by the time 7 rolls around because I’ve been up and going going going for the past 12 hours, all I want to do is settle down and watch some Law & Order for a while. Then American Idol. Then go home and sleep.

This week I’ll be praying for fortitude to complete my assignments and patience with my classes. :angel:


I started my new job last week and so far it is going pretty well. I won’t go into too much detail (I don’t want to get dooced!) but I think I will be staying at this place longer than three days. :dorkygrin:

So basically I’ve been spending most of my time studying, going to class, working and spending time with Mike as MUCH as I can before next week. He starts a new quarter next semester and it’s going to be really tough to see each other. Right now it looks like we won’t be able to see each other on Thursday, Friday and Saturday because he’ll have work and school. I made an excel file of our schedule, just in case you care to see it hehe. Fall 2005 Schedule of Doom.

One upside is that I can go to LA and spend some time with my main squeeze Vanessa though, I’m happy about that. :cheerful: I just hope that it works out. I’m going to miss him so much. :depressed:

Job Hunting Sucks.

Well, it’s been about four weeks since I was laid off and since then I’ve had three interviews, one cancelled interview and one job. The first interview was as a nanny for a nice family in Laguna Beach. I worked there three days and quit, it just wasn’t for me.

The next interview was for Tutoring center #1. It seemed like the interview went well last week and this week they told me they would make a decision on Monday and let me know. I really want this job because it is about seven minutes from my home! :star:

The next interview was for Tutoring center #2 and was supposed to be last Tuesday but I cancelled it. Although it was close to my school, I wasn’t excited about driving so far everyday and also the people were very unprofessional, which is why I quit my last job. So I called her and cancelled the interview because I knew that even if they offered me the job, I would have rejected it, so it was a waste of time.

The last interview was over the phone yesterday for Tutoring center #3 and it seemed to go pretty well. They pay $18.50 AN HOUR for the first two hours and $16.50 after that. Either way, that’s some pretty nice cash. However, they said that they will let me know in TWO WEEKS. I can’t wait around for that long for them to tell me that they might have a job for me, so I need to keep looking.

I’ve started looking at Receptionist jobs since that’s what I’m most familiar with, but I’m really wary about getting back into an office environment. The politics are just so exhausting and the work is really boring. Plus I would need to buy a LOT of new clothes since I have next to no business professional clothing. 🙁

Blehh I hope something comes up soon. I’m getting anxious about bills and things of that nature. Maybe I’m being too picky about jobs. I’m really worried about the hours and everything since I want to see Mike as much as possible. One nice thing about most Tutoring places is that they aren’t open on Fridays, so I can either hang out with Mike or drive up to LA and spend the weekend with Vanessa. But next quarter Mike’s school schedule will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday and he’ll have to work those days too. It’s going to be hard to see each other. 🙁

Wish me luck!

Feeling much better.

I quit my job Monday morning, thank goodness. I was able to spend the entire day with my Michael without a care on my mind, something I haven’t been able to do for a couple weeks now. It was a nice break. 🙂 In the morning we went to 24 hour fitness and did some weights, then we went back to his place, showered and went to lunch with his parents. We went to Salt Creek Grille for lunch, which ironically is where Alex and Jason went on their date on that night’s episode of Laguna Beach! I’m thinking of making a REAL guide to Laguna Beach based on the series (rather than this lame map they have on MTV.com).

Predictably, Mike’s parents started harping on him about the usual: school, work, how he needs to get a “five-year plan,” etc. Mike is so good, if it were me I would have started shouting at them about giving this tired subject a rest. After all, it’s only about the fifth time in the last month they have brought this up. But he is so patient with them and reminds me that they only want the best for us, please don’t take what they say the wrong way, etc. But I’m really sick of them always asking us if we’ve started planning on any future commitment yet. Mike’s barely 21! I don’t know why they are rushing him into marriage. Just because his brother is getting married next year doesn’t mean we have to be. I’m not anywhere near being close to getting married, I’ve said so before many times, but they will not drop the subject. So I told Mike that he really needs to just move out and be on his own immediately. I’m really tired of always being around them, especially since I worked with them for two years. I would really be fine with seeing them once a month, haha. 😀 Maybe Mike can see them more often if he feels like it. 🙂

After that, we attempted to go to the Sawdust Festival, but it had closed the day before. Bummer. So we parked and walked around downtown Laguna Beach for a while. We stopped by a Koi pond place on the way back home, but they were closed, too. Bummer. 🙁 We almost went out to see March of the Penguins, but then I got sleepy and lazy and just wanted to cuddle with Mike.

Overall a relaxing day. Today I called a tutoring place that had called me last week wanting to set up an interview. I never called them back because I wanted to see how things went with the nanny position. The lady said she wants to have me come in and interview, but she needed to talk to the owner of the place before she could confirm. Hopefully she calls me tomorrow morning. 😕

I can’t believe how quick this semester is going. Already I have two exams next week! One class has me writing a paper a week. They’re short, though. At least I’m feeling a bit more challenged than usual. 🙂


Well, there comes a time for everything in life and last night I’ve decided to quit a job for the first time. I took a nanny job for a nice family in Laguna Beach, but so far everything is wrong, wrong, wrong. I’ve worked there three days and each day I’ve ended up crying as soon as I get into my car. The kids aren’t too bad, but they’re not good either. It’s just so demanding and stressful, it’s way more than I can handle in my life right now.

Not to mention it takes me AN HOUR to get there. I am not kidding. That is WAY longer than I thought it would take. I didn’t mind at first because I figured with the tax money she won’t be taking out, I could pay for gas that way. But if she’s going to be letting me go at 8:30 every night (although the agreement was 8:00), I don’t want to be getting home at 9:30!

It is just not working out for me. I’ve been so distraught about this, but I truly hate this job. When I’m there I am seriously counting the seconds until I can leave. She really needs someone who loves kids more than me and is willing to be more committed than I am. I need a job that has more structure. I just want to get there, do my tasks and clock out when I’m supposed to leave. I mean, yesterday when I got there at the time we agreed on, she was shocked because she thought I wasn’t coming until 4! ??? No.

I feel like such a failure because of this. Mike said that I should work there two weeks before quitting, but I seriously can’t even handle one more day of this. I already agreed to work Labor Day, but yesterday I asked for it off. She said that she might have someone who can take my spot (thank the LORD) so if that person can babysit, I’m just going to let her know that I don’t think it’s working out for me and I can’t work there anymore. If the person can’t sit, then I’ll let her know that it’s my last day, this job just really isn’t working out for me. I thought I could handle it, but I really can’t. School comes first and this last week I have been so stressed out from this job that it’s been hard for me to concentrate on school. Even today I need to write a paper, who knows if I’ll be able to do that.

Anyway. I redesigned {Vanessa}’s blog, isn’t it lovely? Make me feel better please. 🙁

My Fanlistings Page is pretty.

The lovely Cindy over at {DMB} made the awesome header image on my fanlistings page. Isn’t it beautiful? Coding it was a nice de-stress vehicle.

After the first day at the new job yesterday I was pretty much overwhelmed and stressed beyond the max, so as soon as I got down the hill I burst into tears and seriously considered quitting. But I’m going to keep at it, I’m expecting the first week or so to be horrid. If things aren’t better after two weeks I’ll think about quitting (which is horrible… I mean, after she has spent so much time training me, I would feel so bad). It wasn’t that the mom was so mean or the kids were so horrible either, I really don’t know what it was. But hopefully it will get better. I’m not liking how it takes me like 50 minutes to get home though. I think I’m going to have to think seriously about taking the Toll Road home. It’s steep at $1.75, but I don’t want to spent an hour getting home everyday. That’s just crazy. The Toll Road would cut off about 15 or 20 minutes off my commute.

In other news, Mike and I are going to enter the Robbins Bros. & Crestline Funding $60,000 “World’s Biggest Engagement Giveaway” Contest!! Robbins Bros is a southern California engagement ring chain. I heard a commercial for it on the radio and I immediately knew that Mike and I could win it, lol. I’m so excited. We have to submit a 250 word essay to any Robbins Bros location and we can win $50,000 and an engagement ring valued at $10,000. Do you think we can win?

I got a job!

The interview today went REALLY well and I can’t wait to start… tomorrow! lol. The family lives in Laguna Beach (yes… the same one as the MTV Show) and their home is beautiful, they have an awesome view of the canyon. The little boys are so cute!! And she mentioned they are interested in getting a golden retriever soon. I hope they do!!

So excited!! :madeup: