Get into the Groove.

I wasn’t really able to work out in April because of all of the stuff I had going on but I finished the last of it this week, so this weekend I was able to get back into my workout routine. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll start going during the week again, but for now I’m just happy I went this weekend, hehe. I really want to work out a lot this summer, I need to shed some pounds… To date, I’ve gained exactly 30 lbs since HS :faint: I know, I’m a big fatty. Ideally I’d like to lose 30 lbs, but I know that is pretty much impossible lol. I calculated my BMI and according to that, I am overweight. 🙁 I don’t want to follow in my family’s footsteps when it comes to weight gain, so I really need to crack down.

Also, I never revealed the results of all my tests! See, I’m so busy I forget these things. Well, I don’t have cancer, Celiac Disease, parasites, or severe inflammation. So pretty much my doctor just thinks that I have oversensitive nerves in my intestines, aka IBS. I’m to continue taking fiber supplements and watch what I eat (nothing overly greasy, acidic foods in moderation, dairy in moderation, no caffeine, no alcohol (BOOO)) which should also help with losing weight.

It’s kind of weird. I remember a time when I was talking to Mike’s mom because she has Celiac Disease. Therefore, she can’t eat bread, pasta, pretty much foods high in carbs. As a result, it’s not hard for her to maintain a reasonable weight, but she’s not skinny or anything. I remember thinking, I wish I had a disease that would force me to eat healthier, maybe then I could lose weight.

Looks like I got what I wished for. 😛

My new workout Schedule!

Well, I thought I would share my workout history and what I do now!

In high school I was in colorguard but I never really believed it did much to keep me in shape. I thought I just had an awesome metabolism. Well, I was wrong as I found out after HS when I put on about 20 lbs because I did nothing. Now, two years after HS I’ve started getting into working out.

First I tried running some, but I hate running so that didn’t last long. Then I signed up at 24 Hour Fitness and tried taking yoga classes, but I found them to be too boring and I felt like I wasn’t losing any weight from them. Then I tried a Turbokickboxing class there and WOW! That was an awesome workout, but I think too exhausting for me.

So right now I’m going to 24 hour fitness on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on my way home from my one class of the day and doing about 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. So far I’m really enjoying it! Each session it says I lose between 200 and 300 calories, I try to keep going until I lose 300 calories. It’s not much I guess, but it’s a start. 🙂

Sick, and not in a perverted way.

Since around Saturday, I have been feeling a bit under the weather. At first it was just a sore throat, but around Monday my nose started getting sniffly, and yesterday a cough and serious stuffy nose set in. Now I’m miserable, drinking pukey TheraFlu and blowing my sufficiently raw nose all morning long.

Mike is on a new schedule for school, and I must say it’s pretty sucky. He goes Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings from 7-11:30, and then Thursday afternoons until 4:30. His job can’t give him Thursday nights off because two other people have night school that night, so Thursdays are the killer day for him as he has to work from 5:30 until closing (usually around midnight). :depressed: So far, they have been giving him Mondays and Wednesdays off of work, which is really nice because he doesn’t have school those days, and I don’t have work. So after I finish up with school around 1 (when he’s waking up) I head over and we spend the afternoon and evening together. I am also taking a Pilates/Yoga class (called PiYo) with the vampires at 24 Hour Fitness on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it gives Mike an excuse to get out and workout. It’s so awesome how our schedules seem to meld like that. They even gave him a Friday night off a couple of weeks ago. 😯

In other news, I did my taxes and I should be getting a hefty lump of money from the Feds. :star: The state is giving me $4, haha. Thanks Governator. 🙂 I’m already planning what clothes and shoes I am going to spend this money on, but half of it will be going to register Baby Black for another year. :depressed: Ah, the joys of auto ownership. I always look forward to summer not only because I have no school, but I can work more, which means I can buy items that I’ve been putting off, like seat covers for my car (save the interior!), shoes (Currently I have 1 pair that fit), T-shirts, etc.

That’s my boring life in a nutshell. 🙂 And an update on the Bio fiasco, I just took an exam on Monday… and scored 84%. 😀 YAY a B! Hopefully my grade will go up *_*

Working out is hard to do.

[21:45] Vanessa: PS I’m so fat, lol
[21:45] Vanessa: I really really need to work out.
[21:46] Erin: i’m fat too, yayyy

This reminded me of my workout routine that I keep forgetting to mention. I hate cardio. Let’s admit it, anything that makes me sweat more than I do while sitting in front of a computer is ebil to me. So, as you may infer, I’m not a fan of the cardio, and as such I’ve gained about 25 lbs in the past 2 years. WHOA JUMP BACK JACK FLASH. Actually, that’s probably not true. It’s probably more like 15 lbs.

Part of it is because I’m growing (yes, I’ve grown since HS. I graduated somewhere between 5’4″ and 5’5″, but I’m a good 5’6″ now) but part of it is because I just don’t exercise, and that ain’t good for nobody. I figured I’d work on some sit-ups because hey, I don’t mind doing them, I can SIT while I’m doing them, and they can’t be bad for me, right? Maybe they don’t help that much, but they can’t hurt. So I started out with 3 sets of 20 (give me a break, this comes from a girl who can’t run 10 feet, lol) and I plan on progressing as far as I can go. So far I’m up to 3 sets of 40 a night, at least 3 times a week. I really should do them everyday though. 🙁 Let’s hear it for the fat people. 😎


Yes friends, after a year of complaining about gaining the freshman fifteen, and saying, “Look, honey! I have a ginormous belly!” I have begun a workout routine which will hopefully get me back to my former high school glory by the time I get married, so my husband won’t vomit at the sight of my naked wobbly bits.

When I was in high school, I had a nice body. The fast metabolism of youth + minimal exercise afforded by colorguard = nice bod. The only thing (okay, two things) I had going against me: small boobs, and bad acne. Because of these two things, I hated my body and the way I looked. I never really thought I was fat (thank GOD) but as soon as I got of out HS and relished all the time I had to sit around and eat, as opposed to having to go to colorguard practice and SWEAT (ew!) I began to gain weight. And gain I did.

And now, looking back on HS, I WISH I had the body I loathed then. All my weight gain has enlarged my boobs (hooray!!) but has also enlarged uh… everything else. Most of my clothes don’t fit properly anymore, and even pants I bought 6 months ago no longer fit my ever-enlarging frame. I was still in denial, though, I thought that I could stand being a little overweight, and besides, anything is better than working out! Why work out when you can sit on the couch and watch TV, that’s my motto.

However, all of that was radically changed this past November when Mike and I went to Disneyland and he took this picture:


Granted, I’m wearing two jackets and that thickens my figure, and I’m wearing a hat that makes me look like a troll, but this looks NOTHING like me! I have a double CHIN, I look like I should be pregnant or something! No, this is wrong wrong wrong, and I have to do something about it. Apparently colorguard did a lot more for my thin figure than I gave it credit for, and for that I am SORRY, I AM SO SORRY.

So I decided that after the holidays and gorging on turkey was over, I would work out. I didn’t want to end up overweight like my parents, I wanted to be a skinny bride that everyone said was so beautiful, I wanted to wear a bikini without feeling self-conscious about my cheesecake thighs, I wanted to have NO cheesecake in my thighs.

So I made up an exercise regimen. Mondays I would spin rifle for 20 minutes (to regain the lovely biceps I had when I graduated), Wednesdays I would use the stationary bike-type thing in our garage to work my legs and make them not so wobbly, and Fridays I would do sit ups and other abdomen-type exercises for 20 minutes. I figure it’s a good start, maybe if I feel like I’m not making enough progress I’ll increase the amount of time and/or days.

So pray for me to stop eating so much crap, to stick to my regimen, and to lose some pounds by summer.