Downton Abbey

Sorry I’ve been off the grid a couple of days! Between a nasty head cold I contracted last weekend and a completely awful and demoralizing day at work, I haven’t really had much inclination to be on the computer for fun.

Since I was sick this week, I had plenty of time to catch up on my new favorite TV show, Downton Abbey! The second season is showing now on PBS as part of Masterpiece Classic, but the first season is on Netflix’s instant queue right now. I absolutely love British period dramas and this one is no exception. It’s very well acted and the writing is riveting, everytime an episode ends I can’t wait to see the next!

Are you watching Downton Abbey? What TV shows are you hooked on?

Have a great weekend!

Asian dramas (redux)

I have begun watching Asian Dramas again on KSCI! God, love that channel. This one is called Cain and Abel, it’s Korean. Unfortunately I came into it partway through, so I’m a little fuzzy on the storyline so far. I think I came in midway through the first episode (I hope). It stars the same guy as my other favorite, So Ji Sub from Thousand Years of Love. Apparently Cain and Abel just finished airing in Korea. I like that its current!

On Tuesday night I was watching another drama when I was trying to fall asleep. It sucked me in though, so it didn’t help 🙂 It was a period drama and I can’t remember the name. Found it! It’s called Princess Ja Myung, and I guess it’s still in its original airing in Korea! Awesome!

Hopefully I’ll remember to keep up with these. I’ve always heard that Korean dramas are the best ones, that do you think?


Ok, I’ve been looking forward to the VMAs all week because I knew Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) would be there and would actually be presenting an award. Ecstatic! I missed the pre-show, but luckily Teresa DVR’d it so I was able to fast forward through it and make sure that I didn’t miss any Twilight cast interviews. FINALLY the show comes on. And I sit through Russell Brand’s awkward intro, Jamie Foxx’s weirdness, etc, and FINALLY OMG THE CAST OF TWILIGHT UP NEXT. I barely managed to suppress the fan girl in me, I was so giddy with excitement.

And finally! There they are! Walking on stage! Kristen looks so cute! And OH! Cam Gigandet (James) is there too! Lovely! They start talking… they each say their piece and now it’s Rob’s turn.. he says exactly ONE word, POSSIBLY TWO, when RUSSELL FREAKING BRAND INTERRUPTS HIM WITH SOME BULL CRAP ABOUT MYSTERY, AND THEN THEY CUT TO A PERFORMANCE OF PARAMORE. And Rob. Gets. To. Say. Nothing.

Why, Russell Brand, WHY?! You have Two! Hours! As the host of the show to talk! Talk to your heart’s content! Why interrupt Robert Pattinson in his ten seconds on stage?! Why?! JUST SHUT UP AND BE QUIET. Oh. I cannot convey my irritation at that moment.

I will now go troll the intarwebs for some red carpet interviews. Hopefully Russell Brand didn’t figure out a way to interrupt him there.

*edit* haha I wasn’t the only one who noticed!!

Olympic Hotties

Of course, while I appreciate the achievements of all the athletes… I can’t help but root for the ones I think are really hot, haha. Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor

Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor

Kerri Walsh (left) and Misty May-Treanor: These two are some hot bitches. They are competing in women’s beach volleyball and it’s just awesome to watch them. They’re both so athletic! They dive for the ball, smack it into their opponents’ faces, all while looking amazing. And look at their bodies. Hi, I would not mind a body like that!!

Guo JingJing of China

Guo JingJing of China

Guo JingJing: She’s a gold medalist in diving for China, but more importantly she’s hot. Even with no make up on, all drenched from swimming, she looks awesome where the rest of us look like drowning rats. I believe she gained some modelling contracts after winning two medals at the 2004 Athens games, but I can’t find any articles on it.

That’s all I can think of so far. I’m sure I’ll come up with more. But I did NOT include Michael Phelps on this list because he’s not hot. He might have a nice body, but… that’s it.

2008 Emmys

Normally I don’t care too much about the Emmys, but I was glancing through the nomination list this morning and saw some nominations I was excited about:

  1. This American Life • Escape • Showtime • Showtime Presents in association with Chicago Public Radio, Killer Films, Inc., Left/Right, Inc. (Adam Beckman, Director of Photography) for Outstanding Cinematography For Nonfiction Programming, Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Nonfiction Series, Outstanding Picture Editing For Nonfiction Programming, Outstanding Writing For Nonfiction Programming
  2. The Office • NBC • Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille LLC, Universal Media Studios (Producers TBD) for Outstanding Comedy Series, two more noms for Outstanding Directing, a nom for Outstanding Picture Editing For A Comedy Series , Outstanding Sound Mixing, Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series for “Dinner Party,” Steve Carrell was nominated for best Actor in a Comedy Series and Rainn Wilson was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series
  3. Jimmy Kimmel Live • Song: ‘I’m F***ing Matt Damon’ • ABC • Jackhole Industries in association with ABC Studios for Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics (this is kinda harsh since the news just broke a couple of days ago that Jimmy and Sarah are no more)
  4. Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List • Bravo • Picture This Television for Outstanding Reality Program. It’s up against Extreme Makeover:Home Edition (hate) and Intervention (which I LOVE) so it’s a tough category.
  5. Kathy Griffin: Straight To Hell • Bravo • Production Partners, Inc. was also nominated for Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Special

Overall, I’m very happy with the list and VERY happy about This American Life getting so much recognition. Yay Ira Glass!!


So Mike and I recently signed up for Netflix so we could start watching the television series, The X-Files. Mike and Greg used to watch it when it was on TV, but I never did. Probably my parents wouldn’t allow me. 🙂 Anyway, since the movie is coming out this summer, and all of our favorite shows are on summer hiatus, I suggested we start watching it and get me caught up. I saw one episode of the series in a college course (“Home”), which was really disturbing, so I wasn’t too excited about the series. But now that we’ve watched the first disc, I’m more excited to get the next one. 🙂 I don’t think we’ll be able to finish the series before the movie comes out though, lol.

WGA Strike Closes Production of ‘The Office’ Down :(

The one thing I was afraid of happening happened: production of The Office has stopped because Steve Carrell refuses to cross the picket lines:

After a 7am call time with a 9am crew call, after standing around for 7 hours at our location waiting for the studio to make a decision once it was realized that Steve Carell would, once again, not be crossing the picket line of the Writer’s Guild picketers, our producer called the entire crew into the set of Michael’s condo and announced that The Office is officially shutting down.

For how long? That’s really up to the producers and studio, I guess. I feel the writers have a valid claim. They want residuals for all content written and produced for “new media” (i.e. internet, itunes,cell phones, etc.) and they absolutely should fight for it because all media will be streamed this way in the future. Truth be told, the writers picketing right now aren’t gonna gain anything. They’re losing so much money by not working right now that any residuals they garner from this new media will never cover it. But that’s not really the point…

So, it sucks for us little people, but I’m not all that annoyed. I fully support the WGA, and the writers of The Office specifically. I wish them luck in their quest.

As for me, it’s back to the unemplyment line and the dayplayer world. Personally, I’m kinda excited. As long as I can keep busy, I’ll be aok and I can meet new people, catch up with old friends and still pay my rent every month.

Until this whole thing blows over anyhow.

That is all.

Thanks for the support and if you need a dayplayer, you best call me. I’m pretty awesome.


From the Myspace blog of Dan Beals, a PA for the Office.

Hopefully they can get all of this sorted out soon 🙁

(Thanks ONTD)

The Real Ho’s of Orange County!

My favorite show to document my community is coming back on the air tonight, The Real Housewives of Orange County. The “gates” that the show affectionately refers to are Coto de Caza, and my little city is right outside of the gates (Rancho Santa Margarita). Many of the scenes that take place in the show take place in my city, because really all that is inside Coto is houses and a country club. All of their restaurant eating, shopping, schooling, takes place outside of “the gates.”

Many people ask me, “How can you WATCH this show? It’s so ridiculous! There is no way this could be true!” But the sad/amusing truth is, The Real Housewives of Orange County might be the most realistic reality show there is. Growing up right outside the gates, I have had firsthand experiences with many people just like the women (and kids) on this show. They really ARE that materialistic, superficial, spoiled, and stuck up. Of course, there are notable exceptions to every rule. I have many great friends that live in gated communities that AREN’T like this, and are as grounded and down-to-earth as you and me.

But people like those on this show made my high school experience less than enjoyable for the most part because it is located RIGHT outside of the gates of Coto (turning right from the senior parking lot takes you right to a gate for Coto) and as such, is populated with Coto snobs. Let’s face it, my high school was no different from any other. Every high school has a group of rich snobs who feel they are entitled to anything and everything they want. Every school has a group of middle class and lower class kids who feel victimized by the richer kids.

It’s just great to see these kids and their parents being made fun of on national TV. And let’s face it. It’s kind of a trip to see the Target you shop at on TV, too. 😛

Writer’s Strike

I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere else in the world, but today in LA the big story is the Writer’s Guild of America strike. For now it will only affect somewhat live shows, most of our beloved sitcoms and scripted TV shows (probably) have enough episodes written ahead of time to weather the storm. Movie studios have plenty of scripts waiting to be produced. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of most of the late night talk shows (well, not enough to watch them regularly) and the like, so I don’t think this will affect me. But hopefully it doesn’t last long enough to prevent new episodes of my beloved The Office from airing! 😛