Interesting facts about US Senators

Don’t worry, this is about as political of an entry you’ll be getting from me, hehe. I thought I would point out some funny things I noticed about US Senators:

    Both Senators from Arizona are named John (although they’re spelled differently: Jon Kyl and John McCain)
    California, Maine and Washington are the only states whose Senators are both female
    Both Senators from Hawaii are Asian (well, maybe that one was obvious 😳 )

That’s all. 💡

The President.

Re-elected and it feels so good...

Now, I don’t post anything political usually, but I thought I should talk about this election, since people are being such babies about it: Bush won. He got the most popular votes and the most electoral college votes. There was nothing tricky or underhanded about it, Kerry just didn’t win. By the way, I’d like to point out what a great running mate Edwards was…

The Nation's Presidential Elections results
Wait… is North Carolina red?

Close up of North Carolina
YES IT ARE! Edwards couldn’t even hold his own STATE! I guess looks aren’t everything, eh? 🙂

(Thanks to for the images).

And to all of you that are threatening to move to Canada (eyes DMB and others) : Grow up. Seriously. You sound like a two year old, “Wah, I didn’t get my way, fine, I’m not going to have anything to do with you.” And by the way, Canada doesn’t want you. (Thanks to Bubs for the link. :D)


Suck it, bitches!

Suck it bitches, I voted. (PS That’s my “Suck it, bitches” face).

See? “I VOTED!” (and I have a breast, too).

So, to all y’all that have been on my ass the past couple weeks to vote, stuff it! I voted! Now, before you get too proud and weepy-eyed, lemme reassure you that I voted for everything that my Governator said I should vote for. Did I research the props and candidates? No. Did I read the handy little descriptions? No! Did I even read the title of the prop? NO! All I did was look at the number, and look for it in my handy Governator ballot. If I couldn’t find it in there, then I voted No. 😀 Voting really wasn’t that hard, I should do it more often. I can’t wait until I can vote for Arnold again! Why did I vote? Well, I felt kinda bad for leaving work early saying that I was going to vote, but not actually having an intention to vote. So I did. Besides, a vote for Gary Coleman is a vote that we can all feel good about. 🙂

I walked to the voting place, it was only a couple blocks from my house. But when I started walking back, and realized that it would be uphill the whole way home, I wondered if my vote was WORTH all this SWEAT that was coming off of my body. By the time I got home I was saturated in sweat and tired. But at least I knocked two things off of my people nagging me to do list: 1) Vote and 2) walk. Done and done!

I forgot to lock my door when I left, but I figured I was safe because I was out voting, so P. Diddy couldn’t kill me! I was letting my voice be heard! But when I walked in, the kitchen light was on and Lizzy was barking. Did I leave the kitchen light on? Was it on when I left and I didn’t realize it because it was fairly light outside when I left? No. I went upstairs to investigate, but before I do that, I have to change out of this shirt. I could not find anyone suspicious in the house, so I came to the conclusion that: A robber came in, turned on the lights, and left.

Now I will do one of the following: 1) Watch election coverage, 2) Study for Phil final, and 3) watch anime.