Um, what day is it?

Yeah, what day is it? Sunday… last wrote in this on… Wednesday. No, Thursday. Yeah. So what have I been up to for the past *count* two or three days? Be with Mike of course! :D! Friday we got out of our final a 9:30, went over to my house and changed clothes, then we went over to the Spec to see “Catch Me If You Can.” [“We have our student IDs!! (discount)” “Um.. it’s matinee, you don’t need it.” “Oh yeah… *embarrassment*”] It was a pretty good movie… right Mike? lol. Oh Jeez. Then we went to the beach [why? why not. we like the beach.] and chilled there for about an hour… then we went to Mike’s house [? I think… Oh yeah we did.] and watched TV for a while [Mike: “Friendly” lol]. Then Maz called and invited us over to Julia’s [she’s so cute! I didn’t know Charlie was her little brother.] to watch a movie with Harry, Jorge, Pat, and Jack. And Julia, of course. The movie was “The City of Lost Children,” a French movie. I didn’t really like it, it was really kooky. Those dern French! Then Mike took me home. 🙂

Yesterday Mike picked me up bright and early [6:45] and we went over to his church to go paintballing with them. I was one of two girls, hehe. Mike lent me one of his like… sponsored paintballing shirts, hehe. We drove out to SC Village in Corona [Yay cows…] and spent the day shooting each other up. I had a lot of fun, but by the end of the day [4 x_x] I was so freaken tired. Running around, being pelted with paintballs… I have a welt on my leg about 2 inches in diameter. How did I get that, you ask? Well it’s actually a great story that we’ve told about 20 times now. But I’ll tell it again for all of you fine people. 🙂
So we were all in the China Beach area, and there’s lots of trees and high brush. Mike was taking out some people in the brush just ahead of us, and I was covering him. I decided to cut around to the right and see if I couldn’t take someone out. It was the last mission of the day, and I still hadn’t shot anyone, so I wanted to get one. 😀 Anyway, I peer around the brush and AAH there’s the enemy, about 10 feet in front of me. Now, usually when you’re that close, you ask them to surrender and any SANE person will surrender because it REALLY hurts to get shot from that close. Did my assailant do that? No. He opens fire on me and I get hit about 5 times, so hard that I get the wind knocked out of me, and the force is so great that I get knocked back on my back into the brush behind me. Of course, Mike got really mad. 🙂 So he comes charging through the brush at this kid and hits him like 10 times at close range. Ah, revenge is sweet. Especially when Mike does it for me. 🙂
My favorite areas were Bosnia and… that other one… the one with the helicoptors and the other one with the styrofoam/cement walls. Those were fun. 🙂 The second time we played the one with the helicoptors, Mike had to go get his gun repaired, so I was all by myself [ahhh ;-;]. So I decided to take up the defense position. I’m hanging out around this big box thing when I see Greg [was it Greg? Mike’s brother] and Maz and some other people charging our flag. So me and about 3 other kids are trying to hold them off when Maz rushes my box, and I go around the other side, and he chases me, lol. Finally he’s screaming at me to surrender, so I do, but I started tripping, so I put a hand down to brace myself, and he started screaming at me again. It was so scary!!! I thought he was going to shoot me. Turns out he didn’t have any paint in his gun. 🙂 Mike came back in time to see me and Maz playing chicken, he said I did good. ^^
Finally we went home, told funny stories in the van. I decided to go over to Mike’s house with him and hang out. Greg was making me feel bad about myself on the way home… I don’t think he likes me. Anyway, Mike’s mom got home and was like “Oh, do you want to take a shower? You must be so sore!! You can use the guest shower!!” [She’s so cute!!] So… I borrowed some clothes from her and took a shower… it was so weird to take a shower at a guy’s house… especially Mike’s. ^_^;; And everyone has short hair, and I didn’t bring a brush… so I had to comb my mane with one of Mike’s tiny combs, lol. Only took me like 20 minutes. Maz came over and we watched movies. We were going to see a movie, but we couldn’t decide when so we just ditched the idea. Mike took me home… lol… that was so funny, Mike. My dad is such a perv. 🙂

Today I’m going over to Mike’s house to watch the Superbowl game! Go Raiders! The Bucs suck. 🙂 It should be a fun party… sorry I wouldn’t go to church with you today Mike. 🙂 You still looked hot while you were paintballing though. 🙂

No school Tomorrow! Practice? Eh. Sorry I didn’t go DDRing with you guys, Vanessa, Alison and etc. My legs won’t move. 🙁 It seriously hurts to walk down the stairs. I have to cling to the railing… lol. Dern paintballing exercise.

Ja ne. :D!