Day before Harry Potter

Not much going on today. I woke up a bit late and have been spending the day catching up on work. Tonight is the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 midnight release. Mike just went to go see if they have any tickets available. We didn’t plan very well I suppose :3 Talk about waiting until the last minute! I hope they have some. If not, that’s the beauty of working from home… we can take an extended lunch break and go to the first showing of the day tomorrow!

I want to see it, but I know I’m going to cry. I completely cried when I read the book (twice). And I’m really curious to see where they end this movie. I would think it might end right before Harry, Ron and Hermione decide to return to Hogwarts before the final battle. I think that would make sense.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for us! I hope we get to see it tonight!