Sailor Moon… again!

Since I posted a couple of days ago that I’ve been running a Fuck Yeah! Sailor V tumblog, it should come as no suprise that I am a fan of Sailor Moon. However, it may surprise you to know that I still have not watched the series all the way through. gasp!

It’s true. When I first started watching Sailor Moon, it was in its first run on some network TV station in the mornings before school. This would have been around 1995-1996, I would have been 10 or 11 years old. Back then, it was only dubbed about half-way through the R season. That was enough for me, I was completely hooked and a huge fan. Sailor Moon S was later dubbed into English and aired on Cartoon Network in 2000. However, by that time I was a sophomore in HS and I didn’t have time to sit around watching cartoons whenever they happened to air on TV. Although I had internet access, downloading entire series of an anime wasn’t too prevalent back then, and I don’t think YouTube even existed yet.

However, at this time the Sailor Moon manga was being released by TokyoPop, and I was an avid reader. Between my friend and I we acuired and read the entire manga series, which I loved. I have also seen the movies, thanks to a friend acquiring some Chinese knock offs and lending them to me. So between the manga, movies and various fan websites posting episode summaries, I know what happens in the series. Once watching Sailor Moon online became easier because of torrents and YouTube, I never felt a need to watch the series… until now.

About a month ago I started watching original Japanese English subbed Sailor Moon from the beginning. I can’t really say what made me want to start watching it. I think it was because I had just finished watching School Rumble, and I was thinking about what got me into anime in the first place, Sailor Moon, and how ironic it is that I’ve watched all these other series because of it, but not Sailor Moon. I haven’t watched the early episodes in many, many years, and I really enjoyed re-watching it.

Right now I’m at the beginning of the Sailor Moon S season and I am getting into episodes that I haven’t seen yet. I can’t wait to get to Sailor Moon Stars!! It was my favorite manga arc and I’ve heard its a favorite among fans.