Well, there comes a time for everything in life and last night I’ve decided to quit a job for the first time. I took a nanny job for a nice family in Laguna Beach, but so far everything is wrong, wrong, wrong. I’ve worked there three days and each day I’ve ended up crying as soon as I get into my car. The kids aren’t too bad, but they’re not good either. It’s just so demanding and stressful, it’s way more than I can handle in my life right now.

Not to mention it takes me AN HOUR to get there. I am not kidding. That is WAY longer than I thought it would take. I didn’t mind at first because I figured with the tax money she won’t be taking out, I could pay for gas that way. But if she’s going to be letting me go at 8:30 every night (although the agreement was 8:00), I don’t want to be getting home at 9:30!

It is just not working out for me. I’ve been so distraught about this, but I truly hate this job. When I’m there I am seriously counting the seconds until I can leave. She really needs someone who loves kids more than me and is willing to be more committed than I am. I need a job that has more structure. I just want to get there, do my tasks and clock out when I’m supposed to leave. I mean, yesterday when I got there at the time we agreed on, she was shocked because she thought I wasn’t coming until 4! ??? No.

I feel like such a failure because of this. Mike said that I should work there two weeks before quitting, but I seriously can’t even handle one more day of this. I already agreed to work Labor Day, but yesterday I asked for it off. She said that she might have someone who can take my spot (thank the LORD) so if that person can babysit, I’m just going to let her know that I don’t think it’s working out for me and I can’t work there anymore. If the person can’t sit, then I’ll let her know that it’s my last day, this job just really isn’t working out for me. I thought I could handle it, but I really can’t. School comes first and this last week I have been so stressed out from this job that it’s been hard for me to concentrate on school. Even today I need to write a paper, who knows if I’ll be able to do that.

Anyway. I redesigned {Vanessa}’s blog, isn’t it lovely? Make me feel better please. 🙁

My Fanlistings Page is pretty.

The lovely Cindy over at {DMB} made the awesome header image on my fanlistings page. Isn’t it beautiful? Coding it was a nice de-stress vehicle.

After the first day at the new job yesterday I was pretty much overwhelmed and stressed beyond the max, so as soon as I got down the hill I burst into tears and seriously considered quitting. But I’m going to keep at it, I’m expecting the first week or so to be horrid. If things aren’t better after two weeks I’ll think about quitting (which is horrible… I mean, after she has spent so much time training me, I would feel so bad). It wasn’t that the mom was so mean or the kids were so horrible either, I really don’t know what it was. But hopefully it will get better. I’m not liking how it takes me like 50 minutes to get home though. I think I’m going to have to think seriously about taking the Toll Road home. It’s steep at $1.75, but I don’t want to spent an hour getting home everyday. That’s just crazy. The Toll Road would cut off about 15 or 20 minutes off my commute.

In other news, Mike and I are going to enter the Robbins Bros. & Crestline Funding $60,000 “World’s Biggest Engagement Giveaway” Contest!! Robbins Bros is a southern California engagement ring chain. I heard a commercial for it on the radio and I immediately knew that Mike and I could win it, lol. I’m so excited. We have to submit a 250 word essay to any Robbins Bros location and we can win $50,000 and an engagement ring valued at $10,000. Do you think we can win?


This first week of school has been crazy. But, as the great Bogey says…

“It doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.”

-Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca

By the way, whatever happened to the name Humphrey? I think we need to bring that back, people.

The following cut contains extensive whining c/p’d from my beloved {DMB}. Thanks everyone there, I love you all.

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Today started out like any other Saturday morning. I was awoken by the sound of my neighbors playing their drums at 9:30, so I got up and read some Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for a while. Around 11 I got hungry and went downstairs for a bite to eat. There I met my {Mom} and I could already tell she was in one of her moods. I made myself some spaghetti and by that time {Dylan} had wandered in, looking for food. Mom began criticizing the way he got the bowl out of the cupboard (“Ask Erin to move first before you open the door on her head!”) and finally we all settled down to eat. {Brittani} appeared as I was finishing my spaghetti and she started heating up the remainder of my meal for her lunch. I let out a burp on my way out of the kitchen and made a joke about saying “Excuse me.”

Almost as soon as I was upstairs in my room, I heard my mom yelling at Brittani and Dylan and subsequently her footsteps heading to the staircase. I got up and went down to see what was wrong. When I met my mom on the staircase she simply shouted that she was “tired, frustrated and sick of this!” Knowing I would be unable to get a straight answer out of her, I went to the kitchen to find Brittani and Dylan in tears. Brittani told me that after I left my Mom started on a tirade, calling us all pigs (apparently in reaction to my belching). This really angered me, seeing as it’s nothing to yell at the kids over and especially not to yell at them to the point of making them cry. So I set off upstairs to talk to my mom about this whole business and that’s when the fun began.

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Sucky schedule… again.

Well, I have a sucky schedule for next semester again. I sort of anticipated this, seeing as how CSUF is not offering, Oh, about OVER HALF of the classes I need to GRADUATE this semester. I am so disgusted. Ugh. Well here it is so far:

MATH-115 -02 College Algebra Discussion (4 units) MWRF 0700A-0750A
ENGL-212 -01 British Lit From 1760 lecture (3 units) TR 0830A-0945A

ENGL-389 -01 Lit Vietnam War Discussion (3 units) TR 1000A-1115A Crouch, M. K.

GEOL-101 -08 Physical Geology Lecture (3 units) TR 0100P-0215P Woods, A. D.

WMST-205 -04 Women’s World Movements Discussion (3 units) TR 0230P-0345P Dolhinow, R. E.

Um yeah. Pretty much the only class I’m looking forward to here is British Lit. And yes, you saw that right… after that is Literature of the Vietnam War. Literature. Of the Vietnam War. However, I forgot in the flurry of registering I am also an Art major with concentration in Art History (oh yes! Didn’t I tell you? I decided to double major. Sweet!) so I think I’ll be looking into filling that 1130-1245 gap with a class and hopefully dropping Women’s World Movements. Ugh I do not want to take that class.

Wish me luck sorting this muck out :weird:

Feeling pregnnt.

Before you all go freaking out on me, let me assure you, I’m not pregnant. 😛

I’ve been feeling really nauseous all day. I’ve been trying to figure out why, and I’ve come up with a few possibilities:

  1. Food Poisoning. I ate some of the sushi last night (Tuesday) that Mike brought over after work on Sunday. Do you think sushi goes bad that fast? Do you think it would take this long for food poisoning to set in?
  2. Stress. A coworker of mine is going to be gone for a while and I’ve taken over her responsibilities while she’s gone and I must say… I don’t really know what I’m doing. Plus, you know, the issues going on at home.
  3. Hunger. I hadn’t really eaten all day, but now that I think about it I ate a muffin. Eating my lunch didn’t really help though.
  4. PMS. My period should be coming any day now and sometimes I get nauseous when I’m PMSing.

Hm… I hope I don’t vomit. :depressed: Hopefully I’ll feel better once I go out.

Money, it’s a gas.

So on Saturday morning my dear, dear daddy consented to take my car to the ol’ Firestone garage to get my oil changed since I’m maybe, uh, possibly a few thousand miles overdue. When I woke up, he called to let me know that maybe my lovely Baby Black needs some more work. Like, new brakes for example. Or new air filter. And while we HAD the car there, we might as well do the 30,000 mile tune up! Since it’s at 33,ooo miles now and the transmission fluid? Darker than it should be. Wow, Dad was so surprised that I didn’t notice anything wrong when driving my car. So, new computer will have to wait, honey. Baby Black needs you to take care of it.

So $157 worth of parts and $300 worth of labor, Baby Black is good as new, bringing the grand total to $472.72. :depressed: Meaning I have to push back my purchase of a new computer, that I desperately need, until July or August, since the price of repairs is more than half of what I was planning to spend on the new computer. Oh, the joys of auto ownership.

So now I’m flat broke. Again. Good thing I’m used to it…!

Thanks Pink Floyd for the lyrics from “Money.”