Kitchen Updates

So before I go any further, here is a mockup of our new house’s floorplan:


Totally accurate rendering.

Totally professional, right? 🙂 Anyway, as you can see the kitchen and family room are actually one big room (gotta love open floor plans!) so we are doing both in the same color scheme. Here is a moodboard I whipped up for the kitchen…


1. White Cabinets/Long Nickel Hardware/White Countertops: This site happened to have a pretty exact picture of the cabinets I’m envisioning. We are refacing our existing cabinets to make them white through Home Depot. Those will be installed within the next six weeks. We are also replacing the hardware from dark knobs to these long nickel handles. We’re still debating where we want to go with the countertops, but my vote is for white Corian!

2. Stainless Steel appliances: The appliances in the kitchen look to be original to the house (almost 20 years) so we are slowly upgrading. We had to replace our refrigerator within a week of moving in and got one similar to this (it’s one door on top instead of two).

3. We already painted the walls this grey sparrow color by Behr.

4. Someday I would LOVE to upgrade our flooring. Right now we have cream carpets and pink tile (ew) but I’m dreaming of this dark handscraped hardwood (swoon). However, to do this throughout the house will cost upwards of $7k, so we’ll probably go for a more affordable dark laminate.

5. I already bought this Young House Love Farmhouse Pendant Light from Shades of Light to replace the globe light above my sink in the kitchen. Can’t wait until it arrives!

6. These happy Limeade Metal Stools from arrived just in time for our housewarming party and I’m so happy with them! They will be a great punch of color against the white cabinets.

7. I’m loving this Soaring Bird shade for above my sink, but I’m worried that the pendant light will be lost against this busy (but beautiful!) print. Guess there’s only one way to find out, I need to measure the width of the window and see if it will fit. That may make the decision for me!

For reference, this is what we started out with:


Beige-y glory!

You can’t see our kitchen’s main amazing (imagine sarcasm) light fixture or the pink tiles in that one. Here is the progress we’ve made so far…


I took off those basic blinds, we painted the area grey, added appliances like a microwave and refrigerator, and added the stools. The new light fixture for over the kitchen sink is on order as are the cabinets, we’ll see which gets installed next!