So this just happened

So this morning I loaded the dishwasher. I moved into a new place so I’ve been washing all of our dishes, since they were wrapped in newspaper. Start the dishwasher and begin working, it’s a gloomy day outside and somewhat cold. Then (IM conversation with my brother):

xmyrin: me: something smells like burning, neighbors must be doing something
xmyrin: later
xmyrin: me: man something smells really burny, i don’t think it’s supposed to smell like that
xmyrin: continue on my merry way
xmyrin: go out for grocery shopping
xmyrin: me: hm… i don’t smell anything burning out here
xmyrin: go to unload dishwasher, spot melted plastic lid at bottom of dishwasher
xmyrin: me: …o.