Wild Rivers?

[16:16] tyler:But you’re from the US, you don’t need to listen to the UN.
[16:16] x my rin: yeah well, you’re canadian… you leech off the US
[16:17] tyler: Phht, we have a strong economy of… beavers and maple syrup.

Muaha, oh Tyler you make me laugh so. Back to a recap of my weekend.

Saturday: I did nothing all day because Mike had to help his dad with some home improvement project, Vanessa was at her little sister’s birthday party, Maz was doing… something… yeah. So I jetted on over to Mike’s around 3 I guess, and we just chilled there all night. He was really tired and not feeling well, so we just stayed in. I made spaghetti for us, and his parents got home around the time when I finished… they thought it was really cute and I got embarrassed. ^_^;

Sunday! Church day. Then Mike and I had a picnic by ourselves on the beach for our 6 month anniversary. Kinda cool to think we’ve been together every day for 180 days. Actually 174, Mike was sick/on a trip for 6 days and I didn’t see him. ^_^; I made that meal, too… I’m not a very good cook, although Mike pretends I am to make me feel better. ^_^ After that we went with his entire family [on his mom’s side] to a Dodger game. Of course they lost, but I think it was kinda fun anyways, and I got to meet a lot of his family that I hadn’t before. His mom is one of six girls [!] so.. that’s a lot of family ^_^;

Monday: I went to Mike’s house and the boys [Maz, Harry, Jack, Chris, Jorge] came over and played Risk while I watched some Fruits Basket [I’m up to episode 14 YEAH]. I got kind of peeved for some reason. I dunno, I was just mad. I don’t like being mad. 🙁 I guess sometimes I feel like all my efforts are for naught. So, as a result of my frustration, anger, sadness, etc., I was at my wits end… and I prayed. I think it actually helped me. Wow, maybe there is a God!

Today: I took my little charges to Wild Rivers, it was cold. yeah. okay bye 😀

mood: tired. ^_^
book: On the Road and almost done!!
song: “Perfect Blue” by L’ARC~EN~CIEL THE BEST EVER.