Family Room Updates

So as we discussed in the kitchen post, these rooms are really one big open room, so we are keeping the color scheme pretty much the same in both rooms. With that being said, moodboard!


1, 2. We painted the walls the same Sparrow by Behr color as the kitchen. I love the idea of accent walls, so we painted one wall (the wall the TV is mounted on) a green color by Behr, which I have now forgotten the name of. It’s close to this spring green by Glidden. We also painted the baseboards in this room which really helped the paint on the walls pop.

3. Like I mentioned in the kitchen post, someday I hope to refloor the entire house with a dark flooring like this one.

4. The drape shade I loved in our kitchen’s moodboard also comes in curtains! We have a larger window I am thinking of using this on.

5. This bar cart is sooo cool, I’d love to get something like this and place it below the large window to the right of the room.

6. We have a weird recessed area in one of our walls that I’d like to put some sort of white cabinet in to hold our DVDs and other assorted living room items in. This white one is from

7. Love this coffee table from Plummers! I love different looking coffee tables and this one will bring more of the white into this room that is happening in the kitchen.

8. We already bought a dark mocha couch pretty identical to this one within a week of moving in. I had originally wanted to go with a charcoal color, but all of the sofas I liked either didn’t fit into our price range or were not comfortable enough for Mike. We compromised on this one. I am hoping once we upgrade the floors, it won’t stick out like such a sore thumb.

9. Really struggling with rug choices. I know I want something low pile and preferably solid, not sure if I want to do a lime green (worried about the room becoming too green) or a grey color. This rug is lime green AND grey, but seems a little too matchy with the curtains.

I didn’t include any artwork, but that’s another thing I’m really struggling with. There is one really large wall that I think I will do some kind of collection of artwork on, but I’m not sure yet. It’s not on the mood board but we did buy that awesome standing lamp within days of moving in. It’s been hard getting used to not having overhead lighting, in all of our apartments there was plenty so we’ve been buying a lot of lamps.

Also not included in my mood board was a wall mount Michael bought for the electronics (PS3, receiver, Wii, etc). That will go below the TV.

Here is a picture on move in day (excuse crookedness/darkness please!)


Here are some pictures of the family room as it is today…

View of the family room from the hallway leading to the garage and bedrooms.

View from the sliding glass door leading to the backyard.

View from the same door, but turned more to the left. You can see the weird recessed area on the bottom left I was talking about before.

Here is my to do list for this room:

      Move TV mount down a foot. It’s too high as is.
      Install electronics wall mount.
      Craigslist or give away current media shelving.
      Buy rug to go under sofa and coffee table.
      Buy coffee table (and end tables?).
      Fix fireplace.
      Remove ugly pink tile around fireplace, replace with something else that actually matches the room.
      Purchase and hang curtains for small window next to sliding glass door, the sliding glass door, the window above the bar.
      Replace the ceiling fan with something else (pendant light? Another ceiling fan?) or remove altogether.
      Get some art or pictures on the large wall next to the TV.