Last year for Christmas, my husband bought me the first generation nook from Barnes & Noble after doing extensive research. I’ve been so happy with it since day 1!

Firstly, I prefer the nook over the iPad because reading on an iPad is just like reading on a computer screen, which irritates my eyes after long periods of time. The e-ink technology the nook uses is just like reading a paper book, no harsh backlighting to stress the eyes.

Secondly, the navigation on the nook is so much simpler than its competitors. Last Christmas my dad got a Sony Reader from his work as a Christmas gift, and I tried it out to see how it compared. The nook was SO much easier to use, largely because of the touch color screen at the bottom of the device.

Thirdly, unlike some of the other e-readers, the nook can support a variety of formats from ePub to PDF; I’ve never had a problem getting a book I’ve bought to work on the nook.

Another plus: every nook comes with a 1 year warranty. This came in handy for me because the page turn buttons on my nook ended up cracking all the way through a couple of weeks ago. Apparently I use them way too much, lol. No problem, though. All I had to do was call up the Customer Service center, and voila! A new nook arrived in just a couple of days. It is a newer version with adjusted page turn buttons, so I don’t see myself having problems with that again in the future.

My only complaint would be the ebooks that I’ve bought, but I’m not sure if this is necessarily Barnes & Noble’s fault or the publisher. I happened to buy a couple of Jen Lancaster’s memoirs, and anyone who has read her books knows she uses footnotes extensively. So imagine my dismay when I realize that none of the footnotes appeared anywhere in my ebook! Unfortunately, B&N’s ebook return policy is non-existent, so I couldn’t do anything about it. I made sure to buy her latest, My Fair Lazy, in its physical format.

SO there you have it! Nook fan forever!