Added my Cosplay gallery!

As you all may or may not know, I used to have a site, Well, I decided to terminate that domain, and either purge or move the content to this new server. And while there are still a few more things to move over, I have to wait until my plan upgrade (to give me more space, hehe) takes effect. So I’ve been moving small things, like the 404 page, fanlistings (which I can’t post yet, I haven’t gotten the official move/open approvals from and yet), and also… my cosplay site. Isn’t the layout just lovely? Rachelle made it. 😳 Please check it out!

What is cosplaying? It is when anime/video game fans (or any fans of anything, really, but it’s usually only for anime and gaming) dress up like their favorite characters in elaborate outfits and wear them to conventions. Think Trekkies, only cooler. Haha, if only anime fans were cooler than Trekkies…!

F*ck authority.

I have no idea why that is the title of this entry.

I’m pretty much almost done with the Freya costume. I finished the ears last night, and I just need to fancify (good word? I thought so, too) the headband and attach them to it. I was contemplating lacing red ribbon ballerina style on my legs, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll post pics once it’s done… Also when itÒ€ℒs done, and AX is over and done with, I plan on posting it to my cosplay site (whose layout will hopefully be done by then) and also including instructions on how to make persocon ears. From what I gather, most people A) Make them out of plastic or B) buy them. I made mine out of fun foam. They’re light (won’t get on my nerves) and easy to make.

What else. Not much going on around here…

Today, today

Today was great. I studied for my geography exam, finished my poli sci quizzes, added a new header to my image gallery, finally finished the new layout for, got a new layout up on here (even if I didn’t make it… haaaa), and tried to start adding my php scripts I like back to my blog. The one script I can’t seem to get to work is the phpCalendar, which is sad because it was my favorite. For whatever reason, I can’t get the css to work with it, and the font size ends up being ginormous (yes, ginormous. Gigantic + enormous = ginormous). So, I’ll be a happy camper once I can get that to work. Maybe I’ll go back to using my events list at DNW. But I really liked the calendar view. πŸ™ We’ll see! Tomorrow I’ll be writing my paper for my poli sci final, and hopefully maybe my English one as well. I was supposed to talk to kristin about cosplaying (Greg asked me to :)) but she’s still not online, and I’m getting pretty tuckered out. πŸ™ Anyway, toodles!

It’s been a while…

Thanks for the comment: no one!!

So guys… time to start commenting, lol.

What’s up with me? Basically my spring break sucked. I worked everyday at a job I hate. But you know what? It was worth it! Because now I don’t have to work for… get ready… 11 days! I know, I’m excited too. And I’m also really excited because I got The Warning Sign Fanlisting!. Maybe I shouldn’t be announcing it yet… I’m just so excited that I finally finished it, hehe. Thanks Katie for giving it to me. ^^ Oh damn! I was going to do this new photoblog project but I forgot about it. Ah! I have so much to do for my site! I need to:

  • make a new layout for Why can’t I be you?
  • find people to host on it. I’m going to let people have a page and show off their costumes. Interested? Drop me a line or leave a comment.
  • Make a new layout for my daily grind page (which I’m renaming to my photoblog or something… “visible invisible girl: the photoblog,” lol)
  • add more quotes and lyrics to utterances
  • update my blog semi-regularly!

What am I doing here? I gotta get going! ta! ;D