Broken Frames Baby Boy Quilt

Broken Frames is finished!

I used this pattern to make it. The pattern was super easy to follow and it came together pretty quickly, so I was happy about that. It finished at 39″ square. I quilted it using a simple stipple in white thread on top and back and I machined bound the quilt in the same green I used for the frames.

I’m really happy with how this turned out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a big enough piece of fabric for the backing and no more green (except a dark forest green that didn’t feel right) so I pieced together a bunch of baby fabrics with a left over stripe from piecing the front. I love how it turned out and I love that I was able to get so many pieces out of my fabric stash.

One baby boy quilt down, two to go!

What I’m Working On

Well, this post is a little late, but better late than never. Here’s what my design wall looks like in its new location:

My new sewing space is almost finished being set up in the garage. I am going to stick my design wall on to the front of this cabinet here, since there is no wall space. And yes, my new sewing space is in the garage! It’s a lot nicer than I expected. The previous owners of this house liked to spend time in the garage and had it set up as a den with indoor/outdoor carpeting, vents for heating/AC, etc. Somehow I was able to fit a lot more in one cabinet here than I was in a whole closet upstairs! Once I have it all finished the way I like, I’ll have to do a post.

Back to the quilt. Like I said before, I wanted to do a green colorway. It still feels “boyish” to me with the green rather than blue. I just need to sew all these rows together and the top will be finished. I hope I have a big enough piece of green fabric in my stash for the back without piecing it, but I’m not sure I do. I said about a week and a half ago I wanted to have this top finished quickly and it looks like I will. Right now I’m thinking I may finish off the green fabric I used for the frames and use it for the binding as well, but I’m not sure. It might be nice to use something else for a bit more variety.

Finish It Up Friday January 12, 2018

I managed to finish the quilt top for the foundation paper pieced quilt I’ve been working on. I added 4 borders to it but it’s still on the small side (in my opinion), 43″ square. I cut the backing and picked out the binding fabrics so this one is ready to be quilted.

But I’ve put it aside for now because I was invited to a baby shower, this one for a baby boy, so I need to get cracking on that quilt. I bought a pattern called Broken Frames that looks pretty quick and easy.

It uses a charm pack and some yardage. Of course, I don’t have a charm pack so I picked some fabrics from my stash. Luckily I had 16 different green fabrics I could use for the charm pack pieces. I decided to do a green color way to make it “boyish,” I could have done blue but since I just did a blue quilt, I wanted to do something a little different this time. Hoping to have this pieced up and quilted really quickly!