OC Children’s Book Festival!

On Sunday, October 2 I attended the OC Children’s Book Festival at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA. I headed straight to the Young Adult stage and got some books signed!


Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan and I

First off, I got my copy of Spoiled signed by the authors, Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks. They also write the hilarious site, Go Fug Yourself.


Kami Garcia and I

I listened to some other authors talk and then the awesome Kami Garcia took the stage, one of the authors of the Caster Chronicles: Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness and the upcoming Beautiful Chaos. Unfortunately the other author, Margaret Stohl wasn’t there. 🙁 Hopefully I’ll get to meet her someday. I can’t wait to read the new book!!

Overall it was a great and exciting day! I have plans to see Kate Beaton of Hark A Vagrant when she comes to Los Angeles on Oct 23rd. Tell me, do you like to meet authors of books you love? If you haven’t, who would you like to meet?

Jen Lancaster Book Signing!

Last night I drove down to the Barnes & Noble in Mira Mesa (San Diego) to meet the lovely Jen Lancaster!

Jen Lancaster

Jen Lancaster Reading from her new book.

I arrived at 4:30 and got in line to get my numbered wristband, which would dictate my place in line during the signing. I started reading the book while waiting and after I chuckled (I believe after reading the first ORNESTEGA incident) a group of ladies behind me started talking to me. After we got our wristbands I wandered around the store for a bit before realizing I had two hours to kill until the event, so I left the store.

I spied an On The Border, so I decided to stop in for a margarita and some grub while I waited. Lo and behold, I walk into the bar and the ladies from the line are there! They invited me to join them for margaritas and we had a lovely couple hours chatting.

Finally we went back to the store to start the Reading/Q&A/Book Signing Session. Jen was as awesome and funny in real life as she is in her books and on her blog & twitter. I had an awesome time!

Jen Lancaster and I!

I had a great time! I hope Jen comes back to San Diego on her next book tour (and brings Fletch with her next time)!

I met Charlaine Harris!

Charlaine Harris Signing my book

Charlaine Harris Signing my book

On May 8th, 2010 I met Charlaine Harris at a book signing in San Diego, CA at Mysterious Galaxy Book Store. Harris is the author of the popular Southern Vampire Mysterious, which later became the basis for the HBO show, True Blood. She was there signing her latest release in the series, Dead in the Family.

I was so excited to meet her! San Diego isn’t exactly a short drive for me, but once I heard she would be there, I had to go. I was actually at the LA Times Festival of books when I heard about the event as I walked by the booth Mysterious Galaxy had there. Charlaine was so sweet, I loved her Southern accent! There were so many people there to meet her, and she stayed for HOURS signing books, I was amazed!

Charlaine and I!

Charlaine and I!

I can’t wait to meet her again and have her sign my next book 🙂