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This is a list of albums on my iPod that I am currently enjoying. I have provided a song list and a mini-review on each
of them. Please don’t ask me to burn/send you copies of these albums. (Unless you’re a friend, of course :)) Please
click on the letters below to see a list of albums arranged by artist.

Last Updated January 16,2005

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Albums – C

Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the HeadColdplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head
This is my favorite Coldplay album. I like almost every song on this album. I even own the fanlisting for “Warning Sign” so I guess that says I like this album a lot. It’s more subdued and reflective than X&Y in my opinion. Favorites are starred:

1. Politik*
2. In My Place *
3. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face*
4. The Scientist*
5. Clocks*
6. Daylight
7. Green Eyes*
8. Warning Sign*
9. A Whisper
10. A Rush Of Blood To The Head
11. Amsterdam

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Coldplay – X&YColdplay – X&Y
Eh, don’t like this album too much. Nuff said:

1. Square One
2. What If?
3. White Shadows
4. Fix You*
5. Talk
6. X&Y
7. Speed Of Sound
8. A Message
9. Low
10. Hardest Part
11. Swallowed In The Sea
12. Twisted Logic

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Albums – F

Final Fantasy VII OSTFinal Fantasy VII OST
There are four discs, which means a lot of electronic music to enjoy! Basically, the only reason you would want this is if you’re a mega-geek like me. One of the reasons I love listening to it, other than it just sounds awesome, is that it reminds me of playing the game. It’s one of my favorite games ever (probably tied only with Chrono Trigger). Nevertheless, it’s a really good game soundtrack and you’re definitely missing out if you don’t have it. I highly recommend it, good study music. Track listing:

Disc One 71:07
Opening ~ Bombing Mission
Makou Reactor
Anxious Heart
Tifa’s Theme
Barett’s Theme
Lurking In The Darkness
ShinRa Company
Flowers Blooming In The Church
Turk’s Theme
Underneath The Rotting Pizza
Oppressed People
Honeybee Manor
Who Are You?
Don Of The Slums
Infiltrating ShinRa Tower
Still More Fighting
Red XIII’s Theme
Crazy Motorcycle
Holding My Thoughts In My Heart

Disc Two 64:30
FFVII Main Theme
Ahead On Our Way
Good Night, Until Tomorrow
On That Day, 5 Years Ago
Farm Boy
Waltz De Chocobo
Electric De Chocobo
Cinco De Chocobo
Chasing The Black-Caped Man
Fortress Of The Condor
Rufus’ Welcoming Ceremony
It’s Difficult To Stand On Both Feet, Isn’t It?
Trail Of Blood
J – E – N – O – V – A
Costa Del Sol
Mark Of The Traitor
Mining Town
Gold Saucer
Cait Chit’s Theme
Sandy Badlands

Disc Three 69:58
Cosmo Canyon
Life Stream
Great Warrior
Descendant Of Shinobi
Those Chosen By The Planet
The Nightmare’s Beginning
Cid’s Theme
Steal The Tiny Bronco!
Stolen Materia
Racing Chocobos – Place Your Bets
Fiddle De Chocobo
A Great Success
Tango Of Tears
Interrupted By Fireworks
Forested Temple
You Can Hear The Cry Of The Planet
Aerith’s Theme
Buried In The Snow
The Great Northern Cave
Who Am I?

Disc Four 68:36
ShinRa Army Wages A Full-Scale Attack
Weapon Raid
HighWind Takes To The Skies
A Secret, Sleeping In The Deep Sea
Parochial Town
Off The Edge Of Despair
On The Other Side Of The Mountain
Hurry Faster!
Sending A Dream Into The Universe
The Countdown Begins
If You Open Your Heart…
The Makou Cannon Is Fired ~ ShinRa Explodes
Judgment Day
Jenova Absolute
The Birth Of God
A One-Winged Angel
World Crisis
Staff Roll

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Final Fantasy X Piano Collection
Final Fantasy X Piano Collection
I’m sure I got this from Mike, or if not Greg. Either way, FF music is always great, and it’s even better in Piano form.
Here is a tracklisting, my favorites are starred:

1. To Zanarkand*

2. Tidus’ Theme

3. Bisaido Island

4. Song of Prayer~Valfor

5. Traveling Company

6. Rikku’s Theme*
7. Guadsalam

8. Thunder Plateau

9. Attack
10. Path of Repentance
11. Isn’t it Beautiful? (Suteki da Ne)*
12. Yuna’s Determination
13. People of the North Pole
14. Decisive Battle
15. Ending Theme

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Frou Frou - Details
Frou Frou – Details
I really like this album. It’s so relaxing but catchy at the same time. I really like their sound, this is definitely one of my favorites. Yayy!
Here is a tracklisting, my favorites are starred:

1. Let Go*
2. Breathe In*
3. It’s Good to Be in Love
4. Must Be Dreaming*
5. Psychobabble
6. Only Got One*
7. Shh*
8. Hear Me Out*
9. Maddening Shroud*
10. Flicks
11. The Dumbing Down of Love

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Albums – G

Gorillaz - Demon DaysGorillaz – Demon Days
Mike bought this album soon after it came out. I liked the first single, “Feel Good Inc.” so I ripped it to my iPod. The other songs aren’t really my thing, except perhaps “DARE.” Mike really likes it though. My favorites are starred:

1. Intro

2. Last Living Souls

3. Kids With Guns

4. O Green World

5. Dirty Harry

6. Feel Good Inc.*

7. El Manana

8. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

9. November Has Come

10. All Alone

11. White Light

12. DARE*

13. Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey’s Head

14. Don’t Get Lost in Heaven

15. Demon Days

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David Gray - White Ladder
David Gray – White Ladder.
I love this one. I remember the first time I saw the video for Babylon on VH1 a few years ago when I was getting ready for
school. First I was drawn in because a friend of mine (Hi, Tim!) lived in a city called Babylon on Long Island. Then I was
drawn in by his unique sound, he really does sound different from your run of the mill type of pop singer. His lyrics are
sooulful and his songs reflect that.
Here is a tracklisting, my favorites are starred:

1. Please Forgive Me*
2. Babylon*
3. My Oh My
4. We’re Not Right
5. Nightblindness
6. Silver Lining
7. White Ladder
8. This Years Love*
9. Sail Away*
10. Say Hello Wave Goodbye
11. Babylon II*

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David Gray - A New Day at Midnight David Gray – A New Day at Midnight.
I don’t like this David Gray Album as much as his later one, White Ladder. There are a few gems, and the signature David Gray
sound is still there, a sound that he perfects in White Ladder. Here is a tracklisting, my favorites are starred:

1. Dead in the Water*
2. Caroline
3. Long Distance Call
4. Freedom
5. Real love
6. Kangaroo
7. Last Boat
8. Knowhere
9. December
10. Be Mine
11. Easy Way to Cry
12. The Other Side

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Albums – H

Ayumi Hamasaki - A BestAyumi Hamasaki – A Best

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with Ayumi’s catalog. She has so many new singles and albums coming out all the time, anyone would be challenged to say that they have her entire collection. That’s why I downloaded this album, “BEST.” It was realeased in 2001 though so it’s missing her newer songs. She’s a non-stop machine. Some people find her voice too nasaly, but it doesn’t really bug me. Favorites starred:

01. A Song for XX*

02. Trust*

03. Depend on you

04. LOVE ~Destiny~

05. TO BE

06. Boys & Girls*

07. Trauma

08. End roll

09. appears

10. Fly high

11. vogue*

12. Far away



15. M

16. Who…

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Ayumi Hamasaki - BalladsAyumi Hamasaki – Ballads
Basically all of her most popular slow songs and ballads. A very pretty album.


02. appears “HAL’s Progress”

03. Key ~eternal tie ver.~

04. YOU “northern breeze”

05. TO BE “2003 ReBirth Mix”

06. HANABI 07. M “HAL’s Progress”

08. Dearest

09. Dolls

10. SEASONS “2003 ReBirth Mix”

11. Voyage

12. A Song for XX “030213 Session take #2”

13. Who… “Across the Universe”

14. Sotsugyou sashin

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Hot Hot Heat - MakeUp the Breakdown
Hot Hot Heat – MakeUp the Breakdown
Hot Hot Heat! I find this album pretty fun, especially “Bandages” and “Oh, Godamnit.” Pretty entertaining, it doesn’t suck.
Here is a tracklisting, my favorites are starred:

1. Naked in the City Again*
2. No, Not Now
3. Get in or Get Out
4. Bandages*
5. Oh, Godamnit*
6. Aveda
7. This Town
8. Talk to Me, Dance With Me*
9. Save Us S.O.S.
10. In Cairo

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Albums – I

Billy Idol's Greatest Hits
Billy Idol’s Greatest Hits
Billy, I love you. If you weren’t about 60 years old, I’d consider having your babies. As is, I’ll consent to just enjoying
your music with your punk rock sneer. I got into my Billy kick when I was early on in HS, obsessed with the 80s and becoming
punk rock, you know the deal. ANYWAY, my sister got this CD for me (thanks, sis!) and I enjoy it. Great music to bop out
Here is a tracklisting, my favorites are starred:

1. Dancing With Myself – Generation X*
2. Mony Mony*
3. Hot in the City*
4. White Wedding, Pt. 1*
5. Rebel Yell*
6. Eyes Without a Face*
7. Flesh for Fantasy
8. Catch My Fall
9. To Be a Lover
10. Don’t Need a Gun [Single Edit]*
11. Sweet Sixteen
12. Cradle of Love*
13. L.A. Woman [Single Edit]
14. Shock to the System
15. Rebel Yell [Live and Acoustic]
16. Don’t You (Forget About Me)

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Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
Interpol – Turn on the Bright Lights
I’ve always heard about how great Interpol is, so I snapped up this album. And dammit, now I’m an Interpol whore. I really
like this album, it’s soo awesome! My favorite is definitely NYC, the lead
singer’s voice is truly awesome, at times it seems like he’s moaning or wailing, but in a good way? Hard to explain? He’s
totally awesome though. I definitely reccomend this one, a unique rock sound that kind of reminds me of Radiohead.
Here is a tracklisting, my favorites are starred:

1. Untitled*
2. Obstacle 1*
3. NYC*
4. PDA
5. Say Hello to the Angels*
6. Hands Away
7. Obstacle 2*
8. Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down
9. Roland
10. New
11. Leif Erikson

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Albums – J

James - Laid
James – Laid
JAMES! I LOVE YOU! ALL OF YOU! Yes, if you have not yet discovered your personal musical Lord and Savior that is James,
REPENT NOW SINNAH! I cannot express the love I feel for this album. You Brits got a good thing goin on here with James.
Their songs are insightful, emotional, romantic, but not sappy and horrid. I Love James. Why doesn’t everyone?
Here is a tracklisting, my favorites are starred (PS NOTICE THERE IS ONLY ONE SONG NOT STARRED. THAT SONG WAS A MISTAKE

1. Out to Get You*
2. Sometimes (Lester Piggott)*
3. Dream Thrum*
4. One of the Three*
5. Say Something*
6. Five-O*
7. P.S.*
8. Everybody Knows*
9. Knuckle Too Far*
10. Low Low Low
11. Laid*
12. Lullaby*
13. Skindiving*

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Albums – K

keane - hopes and fears
My sister gave me this CD not too long ago and I really like it. It’s the perfect blend of lovely piano and excellent vocals. Here is a track list, and my personal
favorites are marked by an asterisk (*):

1. Somewhere Only We Know*
2. This Is the Last Time*
3. Bend and Break
4. We Might as Well Be Strangers
5. Everybody’s Changing*
6. Your Eyes Open*
7. She Has No Time*
8. Can’t Stop Now*
9. Sunshine
10. Untitled 1
11. Bedshaped

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the killers - hot fuss
Ah, The Killers. You were the first CD I can remember buying in a long time. After being frustrated with trying to download
their music, I decided to fork over the $10 to buy their CD, and boy am I glad I did. Each song on here is a gem, I was
thoroughly obsessed with this CD for the summer/ autumn of 2004. I love The Killers! Here is a track list, and my personal
favorites are marked by an asterisk (*):

1. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine*
2. Mr. Brightside*
3. Smile Like You Mean It*
4. Somebody Told Me
5. All These Things That I’ve Done*
6. Andy, You’re A Star*
7. On Top*
8. Change Your Mind*
9. Believe Me Natalie*
10. Midnight Show
11. Everything Will Be Alright*

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Albums – L

L'Arc~en~ciel - Clicked Singles Best 13 L’Arc~en~ciel – Clicked Singles Best 13.
L’arc~en~Ciel (French for “the arc in the sky,” or rainbow) is a Japanese Pop band. Yes, this does mean I cannot understand a single word that the lovely Hyde is singing without the aid of a translation. Nevertheless, I love this album. It’s called “Clicked Singles” because they did a survey on their site of the favorite songs of the fans, and the top 13 got on to the new CD. Awesome, no? The best of the
Here is a track list, and my personal
favorites are marked by an asterisk (*):

1. Blurry Eyes

2. Flower

3. Lies And Truth

4. Niji

5. Winter Fall

6. Dive To Blue*

7. Honey *

8. Heaven’s Drive *

9. Pieces

10. Driver’s High *

11. Neo Universe *

12. Stay Away *

13. Anemone

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Love Actually SoundtrackLove Actually Soundtrack (extra tracks)
I really liked “Love Actually.” The soundtrack has some great moments on it, as well as some original instrumental pieces.
Not the greatest soundtrack ever created, but certainly not the worst.
Here is a track list, and my personal
favorites are marked by an asterisk (*):

1. Jump (For My Love) – Girls Aloud* (although I would rather the original Pointer Sisters version)
2. Too Lost In You – Sugababes
3. The Trouble With Love Is – Kelly Clarkson*
4. Here With Me – Dido
5. Christmas Is All Around – Billy Mack*
6. Turn Me On – Norah Jones
7. Songbird – Eva Cassidy
8. Sweetest Goodbye / Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
9. I’ll See It Through – Texas
10. Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell
11. White Christmas – Otis Redding*
12. Take Me As I Am – Wyclef Jean F/ Sharissa
13. All I Want For Christmas Is you – Olivia Olson*
14. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys*
15. All You Need Is Love – Lynden David Hall
16. Sometimes – Gabrielle
17. Glasgow Love Theme – Craig Armstrong
18. Pms Love Theme – Craig Armstrong

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Albums – M

Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs Part 1Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs Part 1
I happened to download the first four tracks off of a private server of a friend one day a year or so ago. I hadn’t listened to them much until about 9 months later and I fell in love. I tried to access the server again but it was no longer up. So after some internet searching I found the album, bought it, and loved it ever since. It’s very avant-garde sounding, but it’s still endearing and the songs can be quite funny or insightful. I’ve never heard love sung about in these ways before, and it’s a variety I greatly appreciate. Here are the tracks with my favorites starred:

1. Absolutely Cuckoo *

2. I Don’t Believe in the Sun *

3. All My Little Words *

4. A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off

5. Reno Dakota *

6. I Don’t Want to Get Over You*

7. Come Back from San Francisco *

8. The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side

9. Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits

10. The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be

11. I Think I Need a New Heart

12. The Book of Love*

13. Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long

14. How Fucking Romantic

15. The One You Really Love *

16. Punk Love

17. Parades Go By

18. Boa Constrictor

19. A Pretty Girl Is Like…

20. My Sentimental Melody *

21. Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing*

22. Sweet-Lovin’ Man *

23. The Things We Did and Didn’t Do

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Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs Part 2Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs Part 2
I believe the best songs from this collection are on Part 1. However, there are some good songs on this installment:
1. Roses

2. Love Is Like Jazz

3. When My Boy Walks Down the Street

4. Time Enough for Rocking When We’re Old

5. Very Funny

6. Grand Canyon

7. No One Will Ever Love You

8. If You Don’t Cry

9. You’re My Only Home

10. (Crazy for You But) Not That Crazy

11. My Only Friend*

12. Promises of Eternity*

13. World Love

14. Washington, D.C.

15. Long-Forgotten Fairytale

16. Kiss Me Like You Mean It*

17. Papa Was a Rodeo

18. Epitaph for My Heart

19. Asleep and Dreaming

20. The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing

21. The Way You Said Good-Night

22. Abigail, Belle of Kilronan

23. I Shatter

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Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs Part 3Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs Part 3
Yeah, the first part is better. Songs:
1. Underwear

2. It’s a Crime

3. Busby Berkeley Dreams

4. I’m Sorry I Love You

5. Acoustic Guitar

6. The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure

7. Love in the Shadows

8. Bitter Tears

9. Wi’ Nae Wee Bairn Ye’ll Me Beget

10. Yeah! Oh, Yeah!

11. Experimental Music Love

12. Meaningless

13. Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin

14. Queen of the Savages

15. Blue You

16. I Can’t Touch You Anymore

17. Two Kinds of People

18. How to Say Goodbye

19. The Night You Can’t Remember

20. For We Are the King of the Boudoir

21. Strange Eyes

22. Xylophone Track

23. Zebra
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Joni Mitchell - BlueJoni Mitchell – Blue
This album is really great. At first I wasn’t too into it, but I think it takes the right mood to listen to it to really connect with the words and the music. it’s DEFINITELY worth a listen, though.Here is a track list, and my personal favorites are marked by an asterisk (*):

1. All I Want*
2. My Old Man*
3. Little Green*
4. Carey*
5. Blue
6. California*

7. This Flight Tonight

8. River

9. Case of You*

10. Last Time I Saw Richard
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Albums – Q

Queen Greatest Hits I & 2 Queen Greatest Hits I & 2
QUEEN! IN ALL ITS GLORY! Alright, if you’re a Queen fan, you must have this album. If you only like “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” you must have this album even more. Because Queen is so much more than just jock rock and Bohemian Rhapsody. They’re fun, soulful, and even a bit mournful at times. Queen truly are masters of rock, and this album is just evidence to support this claim.
Here is a track list, and my personal favorites are marked by an asterisk (*):

Disc: 1
1. Bohemian Rhapsody*
2. Another One Bites The Dust*
3. Killer Queen*
4. Fat Bottomed Girls*
5. Bicycle Race*
6. You’re My Best Friend*

7. Don’t Stop Me Now**(Oh my gosh this song is the GREATEST)

8. Save Me

9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love*

10. Somebody To Love*

Disc: 2
1. A Kind Of Magic*
2. Under Pressure*
3. Radio Ga Ga*
4. I Want It All
5. I Want To Break Free*
6. Innuendo

7. It’s A Hard Life

8. Breakthru

9. Who Wants To Live Forever

10. Headlong

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Albums – S

gwen stefani - love. angel. music. 
baby. GWEN! I hath loved you e’er since No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom. Your
funky yet elegant style captured me in my superficial middle schooler mode, and I’ve been hooked up until Rock Steady,
which I have forgiven you for. I however cannot forgive myself for actually listening to, let alone BUYING, this piece of
pop trash you have put out. For truly, it is nothing but hip hop pop that I can’t help but loving. I feel violated, as you
have cleverly exploited my love for such tunes as “Heya” (OutKast), “Yeah!” (Usher), and “Hot in Herre” (Nelly) and made
songs that tap into this guilty pleasure zone of mine. As much as I would love to block your infectious music out, I can’t.
On a side note, you also totally exploited my love for Japan, knowing I would be instantly interested in anything that even
merely smackers of Japanese, even if it is fake. Here is a track list, and my personal favorites are marked by an asterisk (*):

1. What You Waiting For?*
2. Rich Girl – featuring Eve
3. Hollaback Girl
4. Cool*
5. Bubble Pop Electric
6. Luxurious*
7. Harajuku Girls*
8. Crash*
9. Real Thing*
10. Serious*
11. Danger Zone
12. Long Way to Go – featuring Andre 3000

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Albums – U

utada - exodus
I have been a big fan of Utada Hikaru since … a long time, lol. I’ve always loved her Japanese stuff (especially “First
Love” and “Distance” …! What Hikki fan doesn’t?) so I felt it was my duty to support her latest AMERICAN endeavor! Go
Hikki! We love you! Here is a track list, and my personal favorites are marked by an asterisk (*):

1. Opening
2. Devil Inside*
3. Exodus ’04*
4. Workout
5. Easy Breezy*
6. Tippy Toe
7. Hotel Lobby*
8. Animato
9. Crossover Interlude
10. Kremlin Dusk
11. You Make Me Want to Be a Man
12. Wonder ‘Bout*
13. Let Me Give You My Love
14. About Me*

Albums – W

the very best of andrew lloyd weber This is the Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Weber album. Well, of course I have to have a showtunes album. It’s like… MANDATORY. And because I love
showtunes, I love this album. I have only seen one of these plays performed onstage, but believe you me… THAT DOESN’T
STOP ME FROM KNOWING ALL SONGS ON THIS ALBUM BY HEART. Here is a tracklisting, my favorites are starred:

1. Superstar – Murray Head (from Jesus Christ Superstar)
2. I Don’t Know How to Love Him – Yvonne Elliman (from Jesus Christ Superstar)
3. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – Sarah Brightman* (from Evita)

4. High Flying, Adored – Patti Lu Pone & Mandy Patinkin(from Evita)
5. Memory – Betty Buckley (from Cats)*

6. Mr. Mistoffelees (from Cats)
7. Pie Jesu – Sarah Brightman (from Pie Jesu)*

8. Love Changes Everything – Michael Ball (from Aspects of love)*

9. Phantom of the Opera – Sarah Brightman & Michael Crawford (from The Phantom of the Opera)*

10. Music of the Night – Michael Crawford (from The Phantom of the Opera)*

11. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again – Sarah Brightman (from The Phantom of the Opera)*

12. Any Dream Will Do – Michael Damian (from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)*
13. Close Every Door – Donny Osmond (from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
14. With One Look – Glenn Close (from Sunset Boulevard)*

15. Sunset Boulevard – Alan Campbell (from Sunset Boulevard)
16. As If We Never Said Goodbye – Barbra Streisand (from Sunset Boulevard)*

17. By Jeeves (from By Jeeves)
18. Gus: The Theatre Cat – Sarah Brightman (from Cats)

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Highlights from the Phantom of the Opera Highlights from the Phantom of the Opera.
I love this album. The Phantom of the Opera is definitely one of the greattest musicals of all time, coupled with the angelic voices of Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, this is a soundtrack that anyone can love. I definitely reccomend this version over the movie soundtrack; although Emmy Rossum’s voice is beautiful, she alone can’t save the soundtrack. Once you listen to this original, you’ll know why.
Here is a track list, and my personal favorites are marked by an asterisk (*):

1. Overture
2. Think of Me*
3. Angel of Music*
4. Mirror (Angel of Music)*
5. Phantom of the Opera*
6. Music of the Night*
7. Prima Donna*
8. All I Ask of You*
9. Entr’acte
10. Masquerade*
11. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again*
12. Point of No Return*
13. Down Once More…/Track Down This Murderer…*

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