Postage Stamp Window Quilt

And the last finish of this series, I’m calling it a Postage Stamp Window Quilt.

I’m sure I’m not the first one to come up with this design, but I thought of it and didn’t follow a pattern to make it so I feel like I can call it an original. I wanted to make a colorful, rainbow postage stamp quilt with some white blocks in the design. It was a good idea but I think the white fabrics I chose were not low-volume enough in print to carry it off. I also wasn’t quite satisfied with the variety of fabrics. I have a large variety of pinks, blues and greens but not so much yellows, oranges, reds or whites. In the end though I think it was a successful experiment and I’m VERY happy with the seam matching, I think I’ve improved a lot on seam matching over the years and it shows in this quilt. I quilted in an all over stipple and it finished at about 46″ square.

I can’t remember where I picked up this owl fabric, mostly likely Joann’s or Hobby Lobby but I absolutely love it and this was the perfect quilt to use it on; I know mama and big sister will love it even if baby doesn’t! I was able to use the leftover backing to bind the quilt, love it when I don’t have to dive into my stash for a binding.

That’s the last of the three quilts I finished this month! I’m so happy to have these done and off my stack. I still have 8 weeks until my own baby girl is here, I still want to make a pieced quilt for her so I’m hoping I will have enough time. I’ve already started piecing so fingers crossed! Wish me luck!

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