Stash Report September 16, 2018

On my last stash report, I shared one of the unfinished projects a friend of my mother-in-law’s left behind when she passed away. Here is another one:

It’s a charming applique Christmas quilt. When I was first looking at the blocks, I didn’t realize that the letters came together to spell “Christmas,” even though it seems obvious now! I could tell that some of the blocks were unfinished (probably I don’t want a block with a bald angel!) but I didn’t get a pattern or instructions for finishing them. I decided to do some searching on Google and I managed to find the original pattern!

This Etsy shop has it listed as “Christmas Traditions felted wool appliqué wall hanging quilt pattern by Rhonda McCray for Farmhouse Threads #947 (2014) K0954.” Now that I see the finished product, hopefully I’ll be able to finish it. I thought it was interesting that she switched the Santa “S” to be a Sleigh “S,” along with some other creative changes. I’m not a big fan of the original pattern’s borders so I will make some of my own changes. I think I will sash the blocks with a dark green fabric and do a border around the blocks with the same fabric. I might do a pieced border after that and then another solid border to increase the size. I plan on giving this to my mother for Christmas, I think she’d really love it.

I’m not counting these pieces as “yardage” coming into my stash, and these pieces didn’t come with coordinating fabrics. Once I decide to finish the quilt I’ll have to buy some fabrics and I will count the incoming yardage then.

Used this Week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: 24 7/12 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 62 1/3 yards

Net for 2018: -37 3/4 yards de-stashed

This project adds another project to my list.

  1. Quilt for C: This is the Connect Four quilt. Follow my progress on my instagram. I’ve started to sew the rows together, so a finished quilt top is in my near future.
  2. Pillow case for ME from Zelda fabric.
  3. Mike’s T-shirt quilt. I may make another t-shirt quilt first so I can practice on shirts that have less sentimental value to me before I risk making a mistake on these shirts.
  4. The Lattice quilt tutorial when I pre-ordered the ombre confetti jelly roll from V and Co.
  5. Singing the Blues by Moda Bake Shop
  6. Applique UFO
  7. Christmas UFO

I have one more UFO that I inherited from the quilt lady, I’ll be back to share that one next week.

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