Stash Report July 8, 2018

OK a few months since my last report! But I have a lot of movement in my numbers this time.

All the finishes in this post add up to…

Red Kerchief: 0.125 yds
Thomas Pillowcase: 0.5 yds
Hufflepuff Pillowcase: 1.25 yds
Window Seat cushion: 3.75 yds
Slytherin Pillow: 2 yds

I bought all the fabric I needed to make the two Harry Potter pillowcases, plus I saw some cute things in the fabric bin:

So here’s the breakdown

Used this Week: 7.625 yards

Used year to Date: 20.985 yards

Added this Week: 4.917 yards

Added Year to Date: 25.687 yards

Net for 2018: -4.702 yards de-stashed

Well, at least it’s not 7 yards in the red like last time!

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