Stash Report – 2015 Week 2

I don’t have a finish this week so I am not going to count any fabric out… but I didn’t get any fabric in so that’s good! If you’ve been following me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you know that I’ve been a busy little bee when it comes to these Sunburst blocks. The pattern I’m working from calls for 12 blocks and I finished the 12th one a couple of days ago. I’m working on putting them all together and assembling the quilt top; hopefully I’ll have it finished by next Sunday and I can show some movement in my numbers!

Week 2
Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 9.8 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 5 yards
Net for 2015: 4.8 yards used

This week was a little busy for us, by our standards anyway. Michael had a check up with his oncologist at City of Hope, of course it rained that day so it took us almost 3 hours to get there with California rain traffic. Luckily it only took us about an hour and a half to get home since the rain cleared up. His blood work looks good, we are just trying to get him to eat more and maintain his weight. He’s lost about 10 lbs since his surgery because he doesn’t have much appetite and sometimes struggles with nausea. When he does get hungry, can only eat very small portions. He’s been doing well with eating the past 4-5 days though so I’m hoping we’ve turned a corner and his stomach will get back into the swing of things. Mike will be happy to be eating something other than protein shakes! I also had my 36 week pre-natal appointment on Friday, now that I’m in the last month I’ll be going to the doctor weekly until Henry arrives. My doctor is expecting him to weigh 8.5 lbs… oh boy!

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4 thoughts on “Stash Report – 2015 Week 2

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever read one of your post before and if this is your first time doing a stash report, welcome to the group. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate and you still manage to quilt. That’s great! I hope all goes well with you and your family.

    • Thank you! I’ve been reading a long time but have had a lot going on in my life so I haven’t always had time to participate 🙂 Quilting is a great stress reliever!!

  2. Welcome Erin. I like your sunburst quilt pattern and look foward to seeing your quilt top. You do have a busy life if you are expecting a big bouncing boy soon. Hope everything goes smoothly and that your DH gets back to feeling good.

    • Thank you so much! This is my first baby so I have no idea what to expect, other than I’m sure quilting will be on the back burner for a good while 🙂

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