Machine Binding Your Quilt

My most recent binding fabric! Binding is one of the final steps to finishing a quilt AND one of my least favorites! In the beginning I hand bound all of my quilts, which is such a slow going process, not to mention I wasn’t very good at it! Machine binding has made this hated step go MUCH more quickly, thank heaven. Lately I’ve been into lots of white sashing and white bindings on my quilts, but this time I decided to try out a fun print for my binding. We’ll see how it turns out 🙂

As for my method, usually I cut 2.5″ strips for my bindings. I love Rita from Red Pepper Quilts’ suggestion to sew a zig zag stitch along the edges of the binding to keep it from puckering! Adds another step but helps SO much. Amy from Diary of a Quilter’s method of mitering the corners works best for me, I never understood mitering until I read her post actually!! I like joining the strips together at a 45 degree angle but I have done it just “straight,” too. Both ways work but the angle definitely cuts down on the bulk. I still haven’t mastered “squaring” up my quilt before binding so my edges tend to be a bit wavy 🙂

I’m just about done with another quilt (!!!) so I will take photos & post once that’s done 🙂

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