Positively Perfect Quilt: Completed!

The quilt for mu cousin is finished! I used this Positively Perfect quilt pattern and a jelly roll of Cape Ann fabrics, among others, to make it. I tried to get some outdoor pictures of the quilt this time and I also messed around with the contrast and other settings in Photoshop, so maybe this time my pictures are a bit better!


You can see the quilting really well in this shot. I did a diamond pattern on the pluses and dots, and then lines on the borders.


The back was pieced together using leftover pieces from the two border fabrics on the front, and leftover pieces from the Jelly roll. I also had one more plus left over somehow, so I used that in the backing, too.


You can see the binding a bit better on this one. I used all the leftover stripey fabrics from the jelly roll to machine bind my quilt. I love that I can just grab a few strips from my Jelly roll to bind the quilt! Makes things so easy.


This “made with love” label was on one of the selvage pieces! How nice is that? So I added in my name and date to the label. Forgive the smudging… I want to keep things as anonymous as possible. :blush:

Happy Friday!

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10 thoughts on “Positively Perfect Quilt: Completed!

  1. What is there to say, other than that your quilts are totally insane! There is no granny on this earth, who could tell you anything about quilting anymore, you are definitely a pro! This one: stunning! very lucky baby!

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