Baby Clothes Quilt: Finished!

Whew, this guy is finally done:

baby clothes quilt

Completed baby clothes quilt.

Unfortunately, I’m not too happy with the way it turned out. The one block that I posted the other day came out nicely, but the rest I’m not too happy with. Despite stabilizing the fabric, there are a couple of puckers and some of the FMQ didn’t come out that great.


The back of the quilt.

I’m glad I tried out the FMQ though, I think I was really getting the hang of it towards the end. The back of the quilt is a receiving blanket the baby used, too. That made it kind of a tiny quilt; only 28″x28″. I bound it with some Mickey Mouse fabric I bought in the remnants bin eons ago. I was going to machine bind the quilt, but I forgot. :uhh: Luckily this guy is tiny, so I was able to hand bind it fairly quickly.

I hope Mom and little boy still like it, even if it isn’t my favorite creation!!

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