My Sewing Machine

My Singer Confidence Quilter

Enough playing around, time to get back to quilts!

When I first started quilting, I was using a basic machine my husband had gotten me as a wedding present. It was a small Singer (Inspiration model, to be exact) and it worked just fine. For Christmas 2010, my in laws gifted me my current sewing machine, a Singer Confidence quilter. It has about one hundred different stitches and a mess of other neat features, including a longer arm that I can stick on there for easier quilting.

These small Singers do great for sewing the quilt tops, but I have to admit… when it comes to quilting anything larger than a baby quilt, they’re a pain in the rear! I can’t wait until I can get one of these bad boys, but I guess I need someplace to PUT it first!

What kind of sewing machine do you use for your quilting? I’ve noticed that a lot of quilty bloggers use Berninas or Brothers. How about you? Do you send your quilts out to be quilted and just make the quilt tops?

2 thoughts on “My Sewing Machine

  1. Hey! This is the machine I use for all my piecing and non-quilty sewing. I love it for that work. It actually pieces much nicer than my Viking Sapphire, but the Sapphire is a lot better for doing FMQ since it has a longer well. Kinda funny that a little “cheapo” machine outperforms the expensive one on piecing.

    • Yes that’s my only complaint about this machine, you would think they would have given it a bigger well since it is being marketing as a Quilter’s machine! :uhh: Otherwise I’m very happy with it. Thanks for visiting!

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