Keeping it Real: Weight Loss

So I’ve been reading over the blogosphere about how to increase readership and one of the recommendations is to “keep it real.” Readers can tell when you’re being fake and not being real. My post about my Granny’s death was my first step towards improving that aspect of my blog, as hard as it was to post and be vulnerable out there. Life is not always sunshine and quilting, is it?

Today’s post is another along those same lines. In 2010, I joined Weight Watchers and lost 25 lbs, just by restricting my caloric intake (no exercising). Once I hit the 25lb mark, I stalled. Even though I stuck to my points allowance and didn’t cheat, I could not drop another pound. I knew I needed to start exercising to lose even more, but I hate exercising. So I didn’t and I gave up on restricting calories… and my weight slowing crept back up. I’ve gained back 15 of those pounds.

Yummy Greek salad!

This past weekend I decided to get back on track. I planned out all of our meals using the New Complete Cookbook by Weight Watchers. So far I’ve had a Greek Salad, Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus & red bell peppers, and last night I made lasagna. And it was all really yummy! I think I stalled on my plan last time because I got tired of what I was eating. I hate cooking so my staples were microwavable items, which got old quick. This time I am going to cook more, which will give me more variety and eliminate getting tired of eating the same things.

This is week one, I will try to keep posting on my progress! Hopefully by this time next year I will be down to my goal weight!

Are you trying to lose weight this year? How are you going about doing it?

One thought on “Keeping it Real: Weight Loss

  1. You look fantastic though Erin! Just look 3 posts (or so) below how far you have come and how much “you have changed”! But in the end, you have to like yourself. I understand. I want to lose weight, too. I am taking it slowly and am just trying to not eat after lunch. We will see. :uhh:

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