Before I started quilting, I did not iron too much. As long as my clothes came out of the dryer relatively wrinkle free, that was good enough for me. :blush: I always thought there wasn’t a big difference when it came to irons. When I got married, I didn’t research the iron I registered for… I just scanned the barcode of the first one I saw!

Now that I’m quilting, I’m finding that a good iron can make a HUGE difference. One feature I HATE on my iron is the auto-off feature. I’ll be in the middle of ironing a large piece of fabric, or a quilt top, and it just shuts off! It’s very frustrating! I was reminded of my frustration today when I saw Amanda Jean’s review of the Panasonic iron they sent her. I gotta say, I’m loving the cordless feature…

So what iron do you use? Would you recommend it?

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