Kitty Sleeping Bag: WIP

So I’m working on a Christmas present for my niece, it’s a kitty sleeping bag based on a pattern that I bought on Etsy. Unfortunately the seller seems to have closed their shop down, so I can’t link to it. The pattern itself was extremely difficult to follow and to make matters worse, the measurements were all metric! :uhh: I ended up just scrapping the pattern and winging it based on the picture:

The cover of the vintage pattern I used

I think I’m doing an OK job so far. I don’t know about you, but the face of that cat/lion is super creepy to me! I changed mine up a bit, I think for the better. Here is the head of the kitty I made:


The head of my kitty sleeping bag.

All I have to do is attach the feet, tail and do some quilting on it. Then I’ll be done! Thank goodness!

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