Camping Quilt

It’s finished: Camping Quilt!


Completed Camping Quilt!

The quilt measures approximately 64″x64″ and was made with fabrics designed by Leslie Beck. Check out this post for more information on the fabrics. I plan on giving this quilt to my mom for Christmas! She originally bought all of the fabric to make a quilt that she could sew all of her Girl Scout patches on to. She never got around to it though, so I took it off her hands and made it for her!


The back of the quilt.

I realized once I finished the quilt top that the backing fabric (the camping fabric in the center) that my mom originally bought for the project wasn’t going to be enough, so I ended up having to do a pieced back. It was quite a challenge! I wanted to use the blue fabric from the front of the quilt, but I didn’t have enough. Then I decided to use the green fabric, which is actually perfect since it was fabric my mom used to make herself a Girl Scout uniform back when she first started with my sister. I STILL didn’t have enough fabric, so I used some leftover fussy cut squares and blue fabric I cut for the front. Whew!

The quilt design is the same simple grid design I use on a lot of my quilts. In this case I felt it actually was appropriate; since my Mom is going to be sewing patches to it, I didn’t want her to have a lot of quilting to push the needle through.

The red binding also came from the stash my Mom donated to me earlier this summer. After adding the label and washing it, I finally finished it! I can’t wait for Christmas to come so I can give it to her!

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