Stash #3 Detail: Mary Engelbreit


Mary Engelbreit cherries!

I had The Snow Queen illustrated by Mary Engelbreit as a child. Her style is so distinctive; when I saw these fabrics I knew right away they were hers. They’re from the Mary Engelbreit for Daisy Kingdom collection. My mom bought them originally to make a quilt for someone. I figure I’ll do the same. There’s quite a lot of fabric (I’m guessing 1-2 yards of each), so I should be able to make a good sized quilt out of it. Anyone interested?

3 thoughts on “Stash #3 Detail: Mary Engelbreit

  1. I’m also interested in the Mary Englebreit material (the fourth one from the left). Do you still have it? If so, could you tell me how many yards, the width and the price? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks! 😀

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