Stash #1


New material I've bought in the last week or so

I got the idea for this post from Red Pepper Quilts. Rita calls them Sunday Stashes, but I don’t acquire new fabric as often as she does, so I’ll just call them Stashes!

This week I stopped by Joann’s and perused the remnants bin and bought about $20 worth of fabric — that’s what’s in the right side pile. Mostly patterns and some flannels that I can use as backers for baby quilts.


Closeup of the remnants

I love that cherry print; I think it and the red polka dot print will go nicely together. And I couldn’t resist that hen print there on the bottom! I love the modern colors (lime greens and pinks).

The left column is what I’m REALLY excited about. My husband saw a Craigslist ad for some fabric at deep discounts, so we went to the place to check it out. She had BOLTS and BOLTS of fabric and was selling them to me for at LEAST 50% off, if not more. When I saw these bold colors I immediately thought of this flying geese quilt, so I went ahead and bought 2-3 yards of each.


Rainbow stash!

I can think of so many projects I can use this fabric for. I love the cloud print flannel, too (you can see it in the top image). It will make a beautiful backer for a baby quilt! I made out with about 16-24 yards of fabric for $64. Hopefully I can go back soon!

I can’t wait to show you what I do with these fabrics!

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