My new nephew’s quilt!

My sister is having a baby boy, and her shower was this past weekend (more about that in another post). One of the gifts I made for her was a baby quilt, of course! This quilt had a snoopy theme; my sister loved Snoopy as a girl and briefly thought about doing the nursery in a Snoopy theme (ultimately she decided to go with something else).

Snoopy Quilt

All over shot of the quilt

I used good ol’ Quilts for Baby: Easy As ABC by Ursula Reikes to make it, using the Rail Fence pattern (same one I used for Abigail’s quilt).

Rail Fence Detail Snoopy Quilt

Closeup of the block

Three out of the five fabrics used for the quilt top were Snoopy themed! I bought all of the fabric used on the quilt top especially for this project. The fabric on the back were all remnants.


Closeup of the border fabric

I was afraid with all of the blue, red and white the quilt would come out looking a bit “YAY AMERICA!” which is not really what I was going for. I tried to find a yellow fabric to use in the rail fence blocks, but nothing looked quite right, so I ended up settling for that white fabric and using a cute yellow fabric for the borders.

Applique Detail Snoopy Quilt

Closeup of Snoopy and Woodstock Applique

How cute is this applique? I found it at Joann’s! They also had a Charlie Brown one, but I wanted this quilt to focus more on Snoopy, so I decided not to get that one. Originally I planned on putting the appliques in the center of the quilt, but my husband suggested putting it in a corner and I think he was right. It would have gotten lost in the center.

Back of the Snoopy Quilt

Back of the quilt

Soft remnants for the back! Mama loved the quilt, and once she decides on a name for baby I can add it to the tag!

2 thoughts on “My new nephew’s quilt!

    • Snoopy fabric can be HARD to find! Especially fabric that is more gender neutral, I found a lot of pink Snoopy fabrics when I was starting up this project, but that wouldn’t be appropriate for a little boy. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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