Bobby Jr.’s Quilt!

My best friend Vanessa is having a busy year! Her two younger sisters are pregnant, one with a boy and one with a girl! Since she’s my best friend, I wanted to make baby quilts for the girls. First, I made the quilt for Bobby Jr.!

Bobby Jr's quilt

Bobby Jr.'s Quilt

I used a Courthouse steps pattern from Quilts for Baby: Easy As ABC by Ursula Reikes, yet again. Here’s the twist… it was made with almost ALL scraps!! If you look closely, you’ll recognize fabric from Mikey 3’s quilt and Jason Jr.’s quilt. The dotted green fabric and the light blue doggie fabric were found in the remnants bin at Joann’s. The only fabric I bought specifically for this project is the thick outer green border with the forest animals print. The fabric on the back was also remnants finds; in fact, it was two different finds on two different visits. I even used scraps for the batting (which I don’t recommend, save those scraps for pillows and whatnot).

Back of Bobby Jr's quilt

Back of the quilt.

Log Fence square detail - Bobby Jr's quilt

Square detail

I’m mostly pleased with the way the quilt turned out, but it was really difficult to get through. Since I was using so many scraps, sometimes all did not mesh together well. The quilting process was a nightmare; there was so much puckering going on, I nearly gave up. It was a definite learning experience, but I’m glad it’s over! Hopefully the next project (which is almost completed) will go a lot smoother!

Another project done. I hope baby, Mama and Daddy like it!

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