As you might recall, last month I had a trip to Tennessee that I was looking forward to because we would be in close proximity to Dollywood, Dolly Parton’s own amusement park.


Me in front of a replica of Dolly Parton's childhood home

We touched down in Tennessee and as luck would have it, it was raining cats and dogs. It was also quite late in the day. The rest of my party wasn’t too excited to traverse an amusement park in the rain, but I was determined to go so they graciously went with me. We got there around 5PM and went into the park, rain and all! Unfortunately, much of the park was closed due to the weather. We did manage to see a production of Babes in Toyland, which was a cute show for kids.

We walked around the park and saw a replica of Dolly Parton’s childhood home and some other neat things. I wanted to go to a production of Christmas in the Smokies, but they decided to close the park early and the last show was canceled, unfortunately. Here are some pictures from the park:

Dollywood 2

Mike and I in front of a lighted tree.

Dollywood 3

Mike and I in front of the Dollywood sign.

Dollywood 4

Me and a HUGE Snowman!

I really hope I can go back someday! It seems unlikely, but we never know what the future holds. 🙂

You can see some more pictures on my Flickr Account: Dollywood Pictures.

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