Mikey 3’s quilt!

I made another quilt over the summer for some friends of ours having their first baby. The nursery had a frog/jungle animal theme, so I went with that in mind to get the fabric. I also wanted to make it a lot brighter than my previous quilts.

Close up of the square

More finished Square

The squares are supposed to look like a frog. Also, if you notice, I used some fabric left over from Jason Jr.’s quilt. I usually have a lot of scraps left over.

Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take a picture of the overall finished product 🙁

My next quilt is quite ambitious! It’s a large one for my brother, here is the pattern:

My brother's Quilt Pattern

As soon as I get some money, I’ll be starting on that!

I love making quilts, anyone want to commission me?? XD

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