Weight Watchers Part 4: Late Night Snacks and Shopping Tips

(Continued from Part 3: Evenings and Dinner)

I used to love having ice cream at night while I watched my favorite TV shows after dinner. I thought I would have to give that up on my new diet, but Weight Watchers has a line of ice creams that are REALLY good, and really low in points value! The Giant Chocolate Fudge Bars are a favorite at one point each, as well as the Cookies and Cream bars, two points each. They’re a bit pricey (usually about $5 for 6 bars), but being able to eat ice cream is worth it to me.

Points value for the day: 16-23

As you can see, I’m by no means starving myself. What I’m not doing is eating fast food everyday, which was what was hurting me before. If I absolutely must eat out for meals, I try to find options that are very close to what I would normally be eating; such as a Pollo Bowl (rice, pinto beans and chicken) from El Pollo Loco (fast food chain in Southern California). I used to have this attitude of, “I’m eating out already, might as well splurge!” If I eat out every day or every other day, these “little splurges” really add up.

Another thing you might have noticed is that I rarely shop at Big Chain Supermarket Stores. It’s not that they don’t have many of the items I’m looking for, they have EVERYTHING I’m trying to avoid. I have really big weaknesses for Cheetoes, Cheez-Its, Apple Jacks, etc. Trader Joe’s just doesn’t sell these items, so I don’t have to test my will every time I go grocery shopping. I’m really not good at resisting temptation, so the less I have to do it, the better. The only items I consume on a regular basis that Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell are the diet sodas and Weight Watchers desserts, which I have to go to a regular grocery store to get. But since there are only two items, I can go straight to them and get out; I don’t have to go into the cereal aisle and risk the tempting sugary cereals to get my oatmeal, or browse other aisles to get my other items.

Isn’t consuming so many fresh vegetables expensive, you may ask? Yeah, it can be. Eating fast food is definitely cheaper and easier, which is why a lot of Americans are overweight, in my opinion. Going through the drive-thru at Taco Bell for dinner is cheaper and more convenient than going to the market and getting some vegetables and frozen chicken. But I’ve decided to make weight loss my biggest priority, so if I have to cut out some luxuries so I have enough money to go to the market twice a week to stock up on veggies, that’s what I’m going to do.

Another thing that’s been hard is going out with friends. We usually like to hit up the local bar on Tuesdays for Taco Tuesday. Between drink specials on margaritas, unlimited chips and salsa and tasty tacos, it’s hard for me to resist eating to my heart’s content. I’ve started cutting back, only going twice a month instead of every week, and limiting my alcohol consumption. It’s easier to pay attention to what I’m eating when I’m not wasted. Not as fun, but neither is being fat.

I hope you enjoyed my series!! I’d love to hear your tips or questions! 🙂

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