Weight Watchers Part 3: Evenings and Dinner

(continued from Part 2 in the series, Lunchtime!)

Evenings are a bit tough for me too, if I didn’t pack my snack veggies that day for work I’ll usually come home ravenous and want to eat whatever is quickest. If I need a snack before dinner, I’ll have chips and salsa (15 chips, two points) or even better, celery and salsa. No points!

Another thing that’s been rough for me is avoiding cocktails. I used to come home every night and pour myself a glass of red wine (still good! Only two points!) and finish half a bottle by the end of the night (not so good, six to eight points), make myself a margarita (usually about four points), or some other cocktail. Now if I really want some alcohol I’ll stick to a glass of red wine.

Dinners are usually close to my lunches, indeed my lunches are many times left overs from my previous night’s dinner. I like to buy the packaged frozen dinners that Trader Joe’s sells. When shopping for the packaged frozen dinners, be sure to check the Nutritional Facts for the fat and caloric content. I try to stick to no more than 200 calories and about 5 grams of fat per serving, but sometimes I’ll go up to 400 calories and up to 7 grams of fat per serving. One of my favorites is the Garlic Chicken Pasta Stir Fry, four points a serving. The frozen dinners that include shrimp are also good bets, usually three to four points.

I also like to buy the Marsala Sauce from Trader Joe’s (one point a serving) and sautee it with half a chicken breast. Add brown rice, it’s eight points and very tasty. If I’m still hungry, I’ll eat some salad.

Points so far: 15-21

Check back tomorrow for the final installment of my series!

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