Weight Watchers: What to Eat

I joined Weight Watchers on Sept 19 of this year and to date, I’ve lost 17lbs! I’m still a long way away from my goal weight, but I’m really happy with my progress and I’m especially happy with the Weight Watchers program, it offers exactly the kind of guidance and flexibility I needed. Since I’ve lost weight with little to no exercise, I thought I would share what I’ve been eating and what works for me. I know I’ll probably have to start exercising soon (my daily points allowance has already been reduced by two points since the start) but I think diet is a great place to start.

For breakfast, I normally have a banana (two points) and black coffee (zero points). I recently discovered this fat-free half and half that I buy at Trader Joe’s that is only twenty calories per serving, so I can add a whole bunch of that and only rack up a point. If I don’t have black coffee or the half and half, I’ll drink black tea with some kind of artificial sweetener, zero points. My brain may turn to formaldehyde, but at least I’ll be thin! 🙂

If I want to have a bit more of a substantial breakfast, I’ll eat hot oatmeal (two points). Be sure it is PLAIN oatmeal, the flavored ones add all kinds of points. If you can’t eat straight oatmeal, you can add the fat free half and half and the artificial sweetener, which only racks up a point.

Points so far: 2-3

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 in my series on eating on Weight Watchers!

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