Asian dramas (redux)

I have begun watching Asian Dramas again on KSCI! God, love that channel. This one is called Cain and Abel, it’s Korean. Unfortunately I came into it partway through, so I’m a little fuzzy on the storyline so far. I think I came in midway through the first episode (I hope). It stars the same guy as my other favorite, So Ji Sub from Thousand Years of Love. Apparently Cain and Abel just finished airing in Korea. I like that its current!

On Tuesday night I was watching another drama when I was trying to fall asleep. It sucked me in though, so it didn’t help 🙂 It was a period drama and I can’t remember the name. Found it! It’s called Princess Ja Myung, and I guess it’s still in its original airing in Korea! Awesome!

Hopefully I’ll remember to keep up with these. I’ve always heard that Korean dramas are the best ones, that do you think?

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