Wedding Invitations!

I decided to make the invitations to my wedding myself, since I didn’t see any invitations out there that particularly tickled my fancy. I visited my local Paper Source and fell in love with their pool colored envelopes. I searched the store for some accents that would match them and found some flat paper that matched beautifully (I haven’t been able to find the exact flat paper I bought online). After making many, many samples I came up with a prototype that Mike and I are happy with, and I’ve begun assembling them. I bought a couple of cute sticker applique’s at Michael’s and I also got some nice cardstock there.

Everyone I’ve talked to is amazed that I’m making my invitations myself, but really I’ve found it’s not that hard. But then again, I already enjoy crafting and art projects, so this isn’t much of a leap for me. I’m going back this weekend to grab the rest of the envelopes for the invites. Once I’m done with them, I can post a tutorial if someone is interested. 🙂

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