Ok, I’ve been looking forward to the VMAs all week because I knew Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) would be there and would actually be presenting an award. Ecstatic! I missed the pre-show, but luckily Teresa DVR’d it so I was able to fast forward through it and make sure that I didn’t miss any Twilight cast interviews. FINALLY the show comes on. And I sit through Russell Brand’s awkward intro, Jamie Foxx’s weirdness, etc, and FINALLY OMG THE CAST OF TWILIGHT UP NEXT. I barely managed to suppress the fan girl in me, I was so giddy with excitement.

And finally! There they are! Walking on stage! Kristen looks so cute! And OH! Cam Gigandet (James) is there too! Lovely! They start talking… they each say their piece and now it’s Rob’s turn.. he says exactly ONE word, POSSIBLY TWO, when RUSSELL FREAKING BRAND INTERRUPTS HIM WITH SOME BULL CRAP ABOUT MYSTERY, AND THEN THEY CUT TO A PERFORMANCE OF PARAMORE. And Rob. Gets. To. Say. Nothing.

Why, Russell Brand, WHY?! You have Two! Hours! As the host of the show to talk! Talk to your heart’s content! Why interrupt Robert Pattinson in his ten seconds on stage?! Why?! JUST SHUT UP AND BE QUIET. Oh. I cannot convey my irritation at that moment.

I will now go troll the intarwebs for some red carpet interviews. Hopefully Russell Brand didn’t figure out a way to interrupt him there.

*edit* haha I wasn’t the only one who noticed!!


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