Enid lives!

Sorry for the lack of updates xD Enid and I have been busy!

On Saturday we drove with my neice to Los Angeles. Boy did we have a busy day! First we drove to California State University, Northridge to drop my neice off for an orientation/informational meeting at 8:30 AM. Then we drove down to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica to meet up with a friend for lunch. Then back to Northridge to pick up my neice, then head to my mom’s house to drop her off. Only we got lost on the way back! Luckily Enid was driving shot gun, otherwise I might not have noticed we were going the wrong way until we reached Santa Barbara! 😛 Finally we reached my mom’s house, and then we got back to my room at my sister’s house and crashed for the night, haha. And since I’m a huge dork I made a map.

A couple of days later Enid and I talked my fiance into taking us to see The Other Boleyn Girl. Enid guarded my purse while we were in the theatre 🙂 What a trusty octopus! Of course Enid and I really liked the movie, but Mike was less enthusiastic. 🙂

Since this week was a slow week for Enid, I’ll do my best to take her on more trips next week! Stay tuned!

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