I love this dumb Ho.

Dumb bitch erases company’s files because she thinks she’s getting fired.

When Marie Lupe Cooley, 41, of Jacksonville, Fla., saw a help-wanted ad in the newspaper for a position that looked suspiciously like her current job — and with her boss’s phone number listed — she assumed she was about to be fired.

So, police say, she went to the architectural office where she works late Sunday night and erased 7 years’ worth of drawings and blueprints, estimated to be worth $2.5 million.

“She decided to mess up everything for everybody,” Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office spokesman Ken Jefferson told reporters. “She just sabotaged the entire business, thinking she was going to get axed.”

It didn’t take Steven Hutchins, owner of the architectural firm that bears his name, much time to figure out who’d done it — Cooley was the only other person who had full access to the files.

Police arrested Cooley Monday evening and charged her with causing greater than $1,000 damage to computer files, a felony.

Best part? The ad was for the boss’ wife’s company, and she wasn’t going to get fired, haha. I love people, good Lord they can be stupid. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I love this dumb Ho.

  1. My initial though was that the boss was an idiot. I mean, who doesn’t have backup systems (including offsite) in place? If he was handling his IT needs properly, someone should be able to nuke his city, and he’d only lose a week’s worth of files.

    But yeah, that woman is hilarious too.

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