Update on me!

Well I went to traffic school and I made it out alive! Since I got my ticket in Los Angeles County, I had to complete my traffic school in Los Angeles county. I went to a class in La Mirada (it’s right on the border between Los Angeles and Orange counties). Besides a minor mishap with lunch (I got lost on my way back to class :dead: ), it was fine. I’m glad this whole ordeal is behind me! 🙂

In other news, I’ve been busy Christmas shopping; but I think I finally got everyone covered. I ordered most of my gifts online, so hopefully I’ll be receiving them all next week. :anime:

Also, I’ve decided to move out of my parents’ house! I’m really excited to get out in the world and live on my own. I looked around on craigslist.com, but I didn’t find too many living situations that I liked. The average amount to rent a room in southern Orange county is about $650-$800/month. That’s just for a room in an apartment or house. A studio apartment here is usually around $1000-$1100/month; a 1 bedroom is usually about $1200-$1300/month and a 2 bedroom apartment is usually $1400-$1500/month. It’s very expensive! :cloud: Luckily, my sister offered me a room in her townhouse, so I don’t need to go live with a stranger. Hopefully I can move in next week.

I’m really excited to buy new furniture and decorations for the new place. What are your favorite stores or online shops to buy home furniture &tc? I need new sheets and a new comforter cover, book shelves and a desk. Any suggestions?? :star:

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