Traffic School :(

Tomorrow I have to go to traffic school for a ticket I got when I ran a red light in Long Beach in July, on my way home from Anime Expo. I ended up having to go to the courthouse in order to get this mess cleared up, and I had to go through the intersection I got my ticket in again. :smirk: I’m not looking forward to traffic school, I’ve heard it’s going to be really boring. It’s my first time going. Wish me luck! :irritate:

3 thoughts on “Traffic School :(

  1. um, good luck at traffic school.

    i didn’t know those schools actually existed. i live in canada and we don’t have them.

    is it mandatory that you attend? do you have to pay for it?

  2. In California when you get a traffic ticket, you have the option to go to traffic school, it usually costs about $40 for the actual class and $40 to sign up for it. If you opt not to go to traffic school, you get a point on your license (usually, it can be more depending on the violation). Points are bad because they cause your car insurance to go up and also if you get 4 points in I think 18 months your license is suspended.

    I think each state has different requirements for tickets, but they’re all similar I believe.

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