WGA Strike Closes Production of ‘The Office’ Down :(

The one thing I was afraid of happening happened: production of The Office has stopped because Steve Carrell refuses to cross the picket lines:

After a 7am call time with a 9am crew call, after standing around for 7 hours at our location waiting for the studio to make a decision once it was realized that Steve Carell would, once again, not be crossing the picket line of the Writer’s Guild picketers, our producer called the entire crew into the set of Michael’s condo and announced that The Office is officially shutting down.

For how long? That’s really up to the producers and studio, I guess. I feel the writers have a valid claim. They want residuals for all content written and produced for “new media” (i.e. internet, itunes,cell phones, etc.) and they absolutely should fight for it because all media will be streamed this way in the future. Truth be told, the writers picketing right now aren’t gonna gain anything. They’re losing so much money by not working right now that any residuals they garner from this new media will never cover it. But that’s not really the point…

So, it sucks for us little people, but I’m not all that annoyed. I fully support the WGA, and the writers of The Office specifically. I wish them luck in their quest.

As for me, it’s back to the unemplyment line and the dayplayer world. Personally, I’m kinda excited. As long as I can keep busy, I’ll be aok and I can meet new people, catch up with old friends and still pay my rent every month.

Until this whole thing blows over anyhow.

That is all.

Thanks for the support and if you need a dayplayer, you best call me. I’m pretty awesome.


From the Myspace blog of Dan Beals, a PA for the Office.

Hopefully they can get all of this sorted out soon 🙁

(Thanks ONTD)

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