Valentine’s Day Daily Grind!

It’s been a while ^_^; I’ve been busy! I did a daily grind for valentine’s day!

After waking up at 6:15am and showering, I’m ready for the day! I’m also wearing jean capris and red wedge heels I got at Steve Madden!
Valentine’s Day presents for Mike. I was so happy when I spotted the heart-shaped peeps! He loves those.

7:45am – I’m finally at work! This is my desk. Looks like my folders from Staples finally came in. I’ll be here until I leave for school at about 11:45.

I’m finally at school! And apparently I need to dust my car, lol!

This is the parking structure I park in everyday.

I put my makeup on in the car before class usually. Too early to do it before work!

1:00 pm – Time for class! This is the building I have 2 of my classes in today. I’ll be in class until 6:45PM.

7:00 PM-Yay! I got out of class early, so I was able to meet Mike a lot sooner. Yum Dinner!

7:30 PM-Mike and I getting ready to go into the movie. Then my camera battery died!

That was my day. Hope you guys had a lovely Valentine’s day! 🙂

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