Halloween Daily Grind!

Hey y’all! So I realize it’s been about a bazillion years since I posted… Sorry. :d But now I’m posting a really awesome post! A Daily grind! Don’t know what that is? There’s a good explanation here.

Well, my Tuesday started out like any other (this semester, anyway). I woke up at 7:00AM and hopped into the shower:

7:20AM = Wow, it’s early. I’m still tired.

Then I got ready for class:

7:30AM = Schmexy!

7:40AM = Of course I need to check DMB before I go!

7:52AM = Aghhh late! And I need gas!! CRAP!

So I make it to the gas station, I should have taken a pic but I felt weird, lol. Our gas station looks really futuristic though. But I FINALLY got in the freeway, and of course there were butt-loads of traffic:

8:15AM = Sigh. Cars as far as the eye can see.

By 8:50 I was finally at school and parking! Hooray! I put on my makeup in the car, texted my friend and met her in front of the parking structure. While walking down I saw a guy dressed up as what looked like a monk. I’ve never seen anyone dressed up on campus before, so that surprised me! I finally find my friend and she gave me a bag FULL of candy!!

9:15AM = Awww Christina! You’re so sweet!

We sat there and gabbed for a while, our classes don’t start until 10:00AM. I need to get there an hour early to get through traffic + get a parking spot. AHH the joys of being a commuter student at Cal State Fullerton. 🙂 After a while, we see a few people gathering in ninja costumes. What? Then they start fighting!:

9:25AM = Weirdo Ninjas, lol.

Then this other guy they obviously didn’t know comes up and starts fighting them!:

9:35AM = Go weirdo Ninja!

So we watch the ninjas fight, and take some pictures:


And then we need to head to class. I have a Personal Financial Management class and she has a Creative Writing class. In my next class a bunch of people marvel at how much candy I have (PLEASE TAKE SOME!) and I read my book while my professor lectures. By 11:10AM he’s done talking, so I head to my next class, all about John Milton.

And since I’m there a little early, we decide to take pictures!:

That’s Charles, a fellow student in his tie-dyed business shirt! I always tell him he looks like a hippie like that, haha.

Stevie and Katie are eating my candy!!!

Some guy in my class came dressed up as The Prince of Persia, which I appreciated as a cosplayer. 😉

Katie, me, and Denisse, some of my friends at CSUF!

I’m being a dork and touching my tongue to my huge schnoz (nose).

So finally 11:30AM rolls around and our professor, Dr. Blaine, shows up to class WITHOUT the graded papers he promised us! I was quite put out, but I still managed to give him some of my candy on the way out of class, since I’m so mangnamimous like that.

My best friend Vanessa and I decided to meet at the The Irvine Spectrum for lunch around 1:30PM. While there, we see a big group of random people dressed up. I decided we should take a picture with Sherlock Holmes:

Elementary, my dear readers!

I took her over to lunch at the Tea Station. I love the (what I’m told is) authentic Chinese food and tea here, but the service is notoriously horrible. I’m used to it by now, though, lol. I don’t think she enjoyed the food as much (it’s an acquired taste for Americans, I think), but I was really in the mood for it, so it hit the spot, hehe. At about 2:30PM we finish up and go our separate ways.

2:45PM = I’m heading over to my boyfriend, Mike’s house in Laguna Niguel. Crap! I am running really late! But what else is new, right? LOL!

I get there, wake Mike up from his nap and we run over to the post office to mail a birthday present to Mike’s brother in Japan. Then we hop on the freeway and head over to Katie’s house. Around 4:10PM we hit some really bad traffic (again, the story of my life!) but we still manage to make it to her house on time at 4:30 PM. We get inside, meet her Mom, and Katie puts the finishing touches on my outfit: Devil ears and fake eyelashes!

4:35PM = Matt, Katie’s boyfriend, Katie, me, Mike.

I can’t believe how hot we are! ;D

We pile in the car and head over to Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA for their annual Halloween event: Knott’s SCARY Farm’s Halloween Haunt! Matt, Katie, and I had all been before, but Mike hadn’t, so I was excited for him. We hit some bad traffic (welcome to southern California!) but we still managed to get parked by 5:30PM. We walked over to Claim Jumper across the street for some food (YAY SALAD BAR!). The park wouldn’t open until 7:00PM, so we had plenty of time to relax and enjoy.

Finally, around 6:45PM we head back over and go inside. Everyone I talked to said it was going to be SO CROWDED there on Halloween night, but I didn’t think it would be, and I was right. It was pretty dead (LOL GET IT I MADE A PUN) inside, we didn’t have to wait more than 5-10 minutes for any attraction. Here are some pictures:

10:30PM or so = Mike and I waiting in line for the Log Ride.

Katie and Matt waiting, too!

Haha I look so goofy! I was trying to look sexy, but I just ended up with duck lips, lol.

Mike’s a scary monster attacking me!

Mike really looks scary, lol

We ended up staying until about 11:45PM, but I was beat by then. We got back to Katie’s pretty quickly, and then Mike and I started for home. But he was hungry, so we stopped by Del Taco on the way. 😛 We were in bed by 1:30AM… good thing, because I had to go to work by 10:00AM the next day!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my Halloween! And hope you had a fun one, too!

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