Pictures from my Birthday!

My birthday was last Saturday, the 11th. Let’s celebrate!

That’s me sipping my first legal margarita 🙂

That’s Mike and I. I’m opening presents from my mommy and daddy: two shirts, earrings and The Lady and the Tramp on DVD. 😀

Yay mom and dad! Great presents. Also: your last child is 21! Finally!

My brother Chris and my brother in law Dustin!

My birthday flan!

But first, singing! This is what they sing to people at El Torito:

Estas son Las manañitas
que cantaba el Rey David.
Hoy por ser día de tu santo
te las cantamos así.
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday ponchita,
Happy Birthday to you!

Dustin did one of those loud laughs that Mexicans always do in Ranchero music, it was really funny.

My sister Teresa and Dustin.

Mike parents were there, they gave me a Coach purse, wallet, and keychain! :loveeye: So crazy about my Coach…

I’m proud of the photoshopping I did on this one :3

Yay! You can also view them at my Flickr!

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