My room, my car, my EVERYTHING is a mess :faint: I am so busy lately that I don’t have time to clean up when I get home. And I really need to get organized about Vegas. I’m so excited! By the way, what kind of clothes do you wear clubbing?? 😕

2 thoughts on “MESS!

  1. Definitly wear something comfortable waist down – no one really looks there 😛 Comfy shoes are a must. Pick a top that isn’t grey (sweat stains x_x) and is one of your faves that you feel good in. 😀 Happy clubbing!

    Lovely layout by the way,

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY RIN!! So sorry I missed it.
    I wear tight jeans and a nice top when I go out clubbing. A tip from me to you is to wear flat shoes.. something comfy, don’t go for looks with your feet. Otherwise your feet will really ache in the morning.

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